How To Build An SEO Strategy Through Reddit - A Quick Guide 2021

How To Build An SEO Strategy Through Reddit – A Quick Guide 2021

If you are familiar with the social media forums, then you must have heard about Reddit. It is one of the largest forums globally that comes with plenty of discussions on different topics. You can answer almost all the topics from this forum. The community is very wide and used by users all over the world. So, this is the place to learn many things about different topics, including the best business plan. 

Many marketers use the Reddit forum as their secret weapon to increase visibility and boost traffic. However, many people might tell otherwise that this is a waste of time and Reddit is not worth your time and effort; it is better to work on your own website. However, this is not correct, as including Reddit in your business plan can help you create strategies. 

Find out how to create an SEO strategy using Reddit, you must follow this guide

Here are some of the most crucial factors that can help you to build an SEO strategy from the Reddit platform. Follow all the details to find out how it can be beneficial for your business plan. 

1 Find The Related Subreddits 

One of the first steps that you need to follow while making an SEO strategy for your business plan using Reddit is the subreddits related to the topic. There are plenty of subreddits available in the forum on different topics; it will be easy to find a topic related to your business. Take the help of the search bar and filter option to find the subreddits easily. 

For example, you can enter the topic gaming in the search bar to find all the related subreddits about gaming. Then, you can click on any of the subreddits from the result to join. Check for the associated keywords from all of the subreddits to find the best ones. Finding the best subreddit will help you a lot to create the best SEO strategy. 

2 Build Your Karma By Engaging With The Content Of Other People 

Established accounts in Reddit are trusted a lot more compared to the new accounts. So, you have to work on establishing your account. It is not surprising that Reddit also has some people who just want opportunities for link building without adding any value. 

It is the way how Reddit forum works, but you have to make sure that you are building your karma. The best way to do that is by commenting on other posts and creating some of your own. Also, try to find some people on Reddit and interact with them who have a magnetic personality, which will increase your chance to get much more karma. 

If you are getting upvotes on your post or comment, you will be able to earn karma. While positive karma helps to increase the score, negative karma can decrease your score as well. So, you have to make sure that the comments and posts are excellent and effective. If they are not good, then you can waste your time and get negative comments as well. 

3 Plan Your Ideas By Taking Advice From Others 

You can find a lot of different content from users all over the world. Try to find out some of the best users related to your business plan, and try to look at their content and take ideas. It will help you to improve your content and get much more upvotes. Take your time to research the articles of other users. 

The top-performing articles can give you a good idea about different strategies. To add value to your marketing strategy, you have to ensure that the contents are up to the mark. From the top performers, you can get ideas of how to generate upvotes by creating engaging content.  

It is hard to make content that people easily engage with. You have to pay attention to every detail and apply all the engagement tricks that you learned from the top content. It will help you to get karma way faster compared to posting blindly. So, it is worth all the time that you are allocating to analyze the top contents. 

To find some of the best content to analyze, you can also visit the tab “Hot” All the contents in the hot tab are given upvoted by Reddit users. This is a necessary step that will assist you to find out how to write a business plan

4 Share The Content 

Once you have enough karma, you have to start using the Reddit platform for marketing. It will help you to know how to turn 10k into 100k viewers in your content. Try to create engaging content and share it throughout the Reddit platform. It will help your content to get more upvotes and comments on the post. 


Reddit is one of the most useful platforms that help you to know different things about various topics. However, you can use this platform to build an SEO strategy as well. Here are some of the best ways that Reddit can help you to create different strategies. Take a look at all the various factors to learn the details. 

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