5 Major Benefits of Using AWS Managed Services?

5 Major Benefits of Using AWS Managed Services?

Deployment of technology and computing solutions in business has never been without its downfalls. Software deployment was in the past hindered by server provisioning problems. But the advent of cloud computing has made business computing way easier. AWS managed cloud services have widely improved technology deployment in businesses. 

Cloud computing has offered a means for server maintenance and thus faster and more efficient deployment of software. Businesses no longer have to worry about hardware management, this is handled by cloud services like the AWS managed services. You can outsource what you need an IT workforce for to an AWS managed services provider.

Why and when do you need to use AWS Managed Services

The deployment of AWS managed services is needed for managing IT infrastructures and servers. Firms have in the past spent huge funds to maintain in-house servers and physical hardware to power their computing needs. This today, is being replaced by employing the services of managed cloud services providers. The burden of maintaining hardware is now shifted to cloud providers.

You need to adopt AWS managed cloud services because it is the way to go. There are several advantages to the use of cloud services. This article will open your eyes to the five main benefits of using AWS managed services. One of such is the reduced cost of managing IT infrastructures. It costs a lot to maintain hardware and servers, especially for data storage. 

Main Benefits of Using AWS Managed Services

Here are 5 main benefits of using AWS managed services for your business:

Improved Operational Efficiency 

Technology deployment has been known to increase the productivity of any firm. But as the company expands, there will be increased burdens of technological management by the staff. The adoption of the AWS managed services program will help shift this burden off the workforce. The rigorous task of handling their primary roles and the IT requirements will be alleviated. 

This then means improved operational efficiency. Moving IT infrastructures to the cloud will help the workforce to focus on their primary duties. Apart from the freedom to perform well with expected responsibilities by the in-house team, managed services offer more to increase efficiency. There is quick access to updates when you use the cloud and this will also make operational efficiency increase. 

One more thing to note with AWS managed services. You have access to AWS managed services cloud experts to help your team with operational assistance. Even if you don’t fully your IT infrastructures to the cloud you can get fully supported with monitoring or any form of patch management. All of this will result in increased operational efficiency.

Avoid Downtime and Enhance Productivity

System failures and downtime are common problems before the advent of cloud services. The management and maintenance of IT infrastructures were highly demanding and still downtimes cost enterprises so much. Using AWS fully managed services and enterprise monitor is a sure means to avoid downtime and any loss that may come with it. Sudden server downtime can cause a serious loss in a huge sale or missing out on the main lead. All this is not the case with managed services.

Agile methods are used by managed services AWS providers to ensure that your system is working optimally. Any threat to your network is rapidly detected and such is forestalled in due time. Since there is a rapid update of servers and networks,  you’re assured of the best performance per time. The enterprise productivity is greatly improved. You get to meet the needs of your clients in time. That makes happy clients, happy employees, and consequently a happy company.

Network Security 

Cyber threats and attacks are on the increase targeting almost all industries and sectors. In 2021, up to a 50% rise in corporate cyber attacks was recorded. According to Forbes cyber risks top the world’s business concerns for 2022. With managed AWS services, there is high-quality protection against cyber threats. There is a robust security infrastructure that is constantly updated to offer the most adapted protection for your networks.

The presence of continuous remote monitoring of your networks and servers makes way for swift threat discovery. The important thing in network security is to discover the threat early enough to put in place the best defense. Your data is well protected as it is stored over several network units.

Frequent Update and Backup

An extra layer of productivity and protection is provided by a frequent update of all infrastructures on the AWS managed services. You will never be caught running on outdated software, providing you with the best operational efficiency and security. In any case of data loss, the recovery is easy with adequate backup in place. 

The swift updates promised are not to be done by the on-ground team. The AWS managed services provider ensures that the current updates are installed on your behalf. The full management is their burden with appropriate updates and backup. This ensures non-stop performance on a high level.

Compliance and Governance 

It is important to maintain a compliant practice irrespective of the industry. There are security compliances and government regulations that must be adhered to. Maintaining compliance with these third-party regulations can be hard. A compliant operation can be easily maintained with AWS managed services.

Compliance control of digital assets and adherence to government regulations are well handled by the AWS managed services providers. The technical team is always on the ground to keep your system operating in compliance. All compliance issues are sorted out in no time.


With AWS managed services, you don’t just save production and IT costs, you do more like a business. There is a guarantee of increased productivity and operational efficiency because your workforce will have the leeway to focus on their primary duties. You can have all the AWS managed services list ticked with ITmagic as your AWS managed services provider.

You must covet increased performance and more revenue for your business. Once you deploy AWS managed services, you don’t have to bother about updates and backups, it is done for you as at when due. In addition, you have all compliance issues sorted. Then, you will surely go ahead and make more satisfied customers and more money to meet your business needs.