9 Cyber Attacks that Will Take New Shape in 2023

9 Cyber Attacks that Will Take New Shape in 2023

The different digital advancements, leading to different devices have led us to a very comfortable life. Everything that provides us with benefits also has some downsides and the same goes for the digital world.

The internet along with its positive sides has brought a great challenge for the whole world and that is data protection. With each passing year, this challenge is becoming more and more complex. Technology experts are working on newer solutions for this problem but the protection of data is getting more and more difficult.

Cyber Attacks and the Importance of Cybersecurity

The data protection challenge is giving rise to cyber attacks every year. As the technology is advancing, so are the cyber attackers. Businesses and individuals all around the world have been experiencing unauthorized network or system access by third parties known as hackers.

These attacks are very dangerous as it is the same situation when some invader enters your house. A cyberattack leads to data breaches which end up in the loss of valuable data or its manipulation.

Businesses face major financial losses due to cyber attacks while also losing customer trust and their reputation. With every passing year, cyber attacks are increasing in number and getting more powerful. There is only one way to protect against cyber attacks and that is the implementation of cybersecurity.

By effective implementation of cyber security, one can protect networks, computer components and systems from any unauthorized online access. The best cybersecurity practices are to change your passwords and passcodes regularly, update applications and operating systems regularly, avoid opening random email links, use a VPN, regularly backup your data, use two-factor authentication and educate and train your employees.

These are the basic cybersecurity practices that every business should implement in order to stay safe in the upcoming year. Using VPN is the most important out of these. You can choose one of the best Virtual Private Networks with the help of platforms like TheVPNExperts and use it to secure your network and traffic.

9 Cyber Attacks that will take New Shape in 2023

As the year 2023 is approaching, as a business or an individual you might want to be prepared for what it is going to bring with it. While the next year seems to be very promising in terms of technology, it is expected to bring a new breeze for cyber attacks.

As said earlier, as technology advances, so do cyber attacks. For you to effectively guard your businesses against cyber attacks, we have listed down nine cyber attacks that are predicted to take a new shape in 2023.

  1. Malware Attack

Malware is one of the worst and most common types of attack which is going to become more complex in the year 2013. We all need to be aware of these malicious software viruses such as ransomware, worms, trojans, spyware and adware.

Malware attacks are caused when a user clicks on a malicious link which is either attached to an email or is present in a pen drive. Cyber Security measures like antivirus software and firewalls must be taken to protect against malware attacks in the next year.

  1. Phishing Attack

One of the most widespread cyber attacks is a phishing attack which is expected to become more harmful in the year 2023. Cyber attackers are becoming more and more confident in sending fake emails by impersonating to become a trusted contact.

Cybersecurity measures like constant updating of passwords, installation of an anti-phishing toolbar and scrutinizing emails should be performed.

  1. Password Attack

The availability of numerous advanced password cracking tools like Hashcat, Aircrack, John the Ripper, Cain and Abel have made password attacks very common and easy. Such attacks can result in heavy losses and businesses can lose everything that they have earned so far including their reputation.

  1. Man-in-the-Middle Attack

It is commonly referred to as an eavesdropping attack in which an attacker enters a communication between the two-parties and hijacks the data. With every passing day, the digital advancements are leading towards more and more tools. These tools also include cyber attacking tools which is why the year 2023 might face a greater number of man-in-the-middle attacks.

  1. SQL Injection Attack

Another attack that is expected to take a new shape in the upcoming year is SQL in which the attacker attacks a database driven website and tries to manipulate the SQL query. Through this attack, crucial information may be revealed from the server which is very dangerous.

In order to prevent such attacks you must use an Intrusion detection system and validate the user-supplied data.

  1. Denial-of-Service Attack

A denial-of-service attack is another attack that is going to take a new shape in the upcoming year while becoming a great threat to organizations. Systems, networks, and servers will be attacked and flooded with traffic causing exhaustion to their bandwidth and resources.

Denial-of-Service attacks can be overcomed by running a traffic analysis, outsourcing DDoS prevention, and formulating an incident response plan. Moreover, you must look closely for signs like intermittent website shutdowns and network slowdowns.

  1. Insider Threat

Insider threats are caused by someone from the organization itself and these will become more common in 2023. These attacks are caused by malice, greed and in many cases because of carelessness. 

Organizations need to limit IT resources to everyone and have a culture of security awareness. Organizations lack cybersecurity awareness in organizations or either keep it limited to IT departments only which is wrong.

All employees must be provided training to identify insider threats.

  1. Cryptojacking

Cryptocurrency is slowly and gradually getting popular which is why cryptojacking is a major threat which will take shape in 2023. Attackers enter other people’s computers and mine cryptocurrency. 

You must update your software and other security applications regularly in order to protect against crypto jacking. 

  1. Zero-Day Exploit

A Zero-Day Exploit is a very dangerous cybersecurity threat as there is no solution for it in most cases. It occurs when the network is vulnerable and the attackers find it out. The vulnerability takes time to fix while the attacker takes advantage of it.

As the next year is approaching, the attackers will find more ways to find which network is vulnerable on which day and so the attacks would increase. Organizations need to have patch management processes so that the delays in deployment are avoided. Also, they must have incident response plans ready.


Cyber attacks are increasing day by day and unfortunately, they will grow more powerful in the coming year. As users and businesses what we can do is be prepared to outrun them by taking necessary cybersecurity measures. 

However, in order to be fully prepared you must know what kind of attacks you need to overcome. That is why we have listed down nine cyber attacks that would take a new shape in 2023 which would help you take the necessary cybersecurity measures.