10 Ideas for your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are one of the best ways to connect with your audience. It is also one of the most used features of Instagram. So we can conclude that Instagram Story is a perfect way to increase your engagement rate and keep followers in your account. The importance of Instagram stories has also enticed developers to invent some ways to help you schedule your Instagram stories.

Not every Story can attract people. It should be somehow unique, eye-catching, and something that people have not seen like that before. As a solution, one of the methods which can make your Instagram account featured, is using IG Story templates! Here, I am going to introduce 10 amazing and creative Instagram Stories templates which you can use them on your account. 

Top 10 Instagram Stories templates for 2020

Stories are basically Instagram posts that will vanish in 24 hours. So, your Story must be something that can make your audience engage with you at first glance. As a result, it is very important to publish the right content with the right template on Instagram Stories. You should also consider posting at the best time, so try to schedule Instagram stories to get better results. The Story platform is a great place to help your audience become more familiar with you. So use them the right way. Here are the 10 templates: 


  • Breaking news announcement


IG Stories are perfect for announcing about breaking news or a new event. It is a good idea to add an image to let people know you are going to tell them breaking news or event and by this method, you can catch people’s attention before revealing the news. 


  • Introduce a team member


If you are holding a business, when someone new is joining your team, introduce him or her to your audience. Also if someone is good at the job, showcase him or her. By this method, you can increase trust between you and your audience and also you can let them know the people behind your business. 

For this purpose, you can interview one of your team members and ask about an issue which is worth to the listeners. You can also share your members’ “win”, for instance, the best employee of the month. 


  • Behind the scenes


Let your customers know the human side of your business. These are several tips for this Instagram Stories templates:

  • Record a video of your workplace
  • If you are an athlete, show your pre-game exercises 
  • Show how to build or create or do something
  • If you are a chef show your audience how you cook and prepare your signature dish


  • Exclusive offers


Reward the people who make it to the end of your Story. This person is invested in your content. The best way to reward is a discount or exclusive offer. You also may designate the offer only for Story viewers rather than all of your followers. It is a good way to know your loyal customers. 


  • Introduce new product or services


You can use Instagram Stories to share your new product or services to your audience. Do not share everything. Share the content which is worth to be seen by the people. Instagram is a great place to showcase your products. You can also add links to your Instagram posts and stories and derive the traffic from Instagram to your website/blog.


  • Use quotes


Quotes can give us inspiration and motivation. They also make us laugh. Other people also love them, so using quotes can be a great template for your Story. Try to mix up inspirational topics with some quotes in your Story. 


  • Announce your Instagram Live via Story


If you intend to go Live on Instagram, it is a good idea to announce it via Story. Tell your audience about the time and also the topics of your Life. That is gonna help them to remember and watch your Life. 


  • Share your fan photos


The best way to acknowledge your fans and showcase the content they produce is by sharing their photos via Instagram Stories. One other strategy is to publish photos of your customers while they are using your product. 


  • Top tips


“Top 10” or “Top 20” contents that are used by Instagramers on their Stories are very popular and encourage others to continue watching Stories to reveal more content. 


  •  Use “Call to Action” contents


In your Story, you can ask your audience to Direct message to you to increase your engagement, or you can encourage people to “Swipe Up” on your Story so they can access to a link outside the Instagram. You also may tag someone and encourage your followers to go to that page and follow it.  

Final Notes on Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram Stories are simply the best way to help you grow your IG account and one the most important elements of a successful Instagram marketing plan. According to the Instagram algorithm, Stories do not have an effect on the feed’s ranking. However, you can outplay the Instagram algorithm using Instagram Stories. So, using templates can be very useful for having a more dynamic IG page.