Free and Cheap SEO Tools Every Startup Needs to Use

Free is fantastic, especially when it is giving you extra traffic, ranks, reputation, and money.  An SEO specialist will tell several free tools in the world of Search engine optimization. To get beautiful ways that cost without sacrificing the effectiveness of your Best SEO Services campaigns. The optimization concerns the issue of the ranking website with various web pages. Although it is an expensive campaign for many startups and the growing business, it is a crucial technique that requires professionals.  Fortunately, there are several desirable companies in the eCommerce industries that offer free and cheap tools for optimization that small businesses can use. 

In this article, I have analyzed the best free and cheap tools in a market with an extensive range of uses and collective needs.


It is one of the most excellent SEO tools that can be used in all types of businesses, to the advantage of the firm. The startups can also benefit from it due to its wide range of features that it poses. It offers the site with keyword researches audition of the SEO, backlinks, rank trackers, toolbars, and other optimizing features that aim at improving your website. You can use the tool during its trial period, but after that, you are requested to pay for some few features to use it. However, many of its features will still be available free of charge.

From my research, it is clear that most of these tools are suitable for their tracking purposes for most of the startups. It is because the free tools will allow you to do the keyword tracking and monitoring the ranking results. Also, you can improve on the on-page optimization, tracking the link, and many other operations that relate to the optimization process, which will enhance all the services.

Always keep in mind that building an authentic brand identity of the startup will depend on the site’s top ranking from the search engines. It can be achieved by ensuring better visibility for your website to the users that is the ideal time of building your brand. Nevertheless, this tool helps you in various in terms of optimization.


Put your content front and centre with the help of SerpWatch tool SERP Checker. This innovative keyword tracking tool allows you to zero in on the information you need, instead of being bloated by features you’ll never use.

Intuitive to use, the simple interface allows you to track keywords across various search engines and indexes. Set your targeted phrases or words, and get a simple, informative report in seconds.

Select global searches or narrow it down to your local area instead.  Get an idea of where you stand now and be advised of algorithm updates.

Use the tool to manage one project or multiple tasks and use the advanced features to amp up your performance.

Similar web

It is a beautiful tool that helps in acquiring insightful information concerning your website, customers, and competitors. It is used in defining the target of the audience, picking up on the brands, reporting traffics sources and other helpful metrics. Although there are other free tools similar functions, a similar web is considered the outstanding one due to its ability to offer insight on how your site is functioning. Besides, it enlightens on the behaviour of the customers. At the same time, they are on your platform, which helps in knowing what to expect, your competitors who are crucial information that can help improve your ranking records. Indeed, it is an excellent tool that has the most- needed information on which you can optimize the rankings of your website.

Cognitive SEO

It is a handy tool that offers access information when you think about launching an effective optimization strategy. It provides you with several tools and allows you to see the current state of your site as a whole. It helps in acquiring crucial ranking of your keywords reports in time, which is essential to know since they are functioning well for your website.

In addition, the tool allows you to get out of any potential harm that may result from the spamming activities that happen in the background of your platform. Also, it helps you get timely reports on your site’s visibility by ranking trends in your company.

Google analytics

Google analytic tool is an online marketer that is of great use just like air is to the human being. If you do not have this tool for your site, you should acquire it as soon as possible because you are missing a lot of advantages for your firm. There is no other source of information that offers high quality, yet detailed data like this tool, Google analytics. In this ear here the online is dominated by Google; it is the tool we would have to work with online. 

Merge words

 It is yet another useful tool for the startup in researching keywords for the domains and issues that relate to ranking.  The tool helps in acquiring queries for link building. Besides that, it can be used for organizing your researched information into useful information that helps in improving your business website.

Deep crawl review

A Deep crawl is another wonderful SEO tool. It helps in scanning through your website to get the crawl information and data that can help in determining the state of your site and improve it. Also, it offers you with a domain crawling that has the abilities that all other tools are unable to deliver. In case you are interested in getting the crawling information and analysis, this is the best tool you should use for the SEO plans.


With this tool, you can easily schedule your social media content interaction freely. It helps with all the content building requirements for optimization.  Also, it is useful in setting up and publishing your content in time so that everything regarding your marketing strategies goes well. Markedly, it is an undoubted tool that every startup should try using when optimizing your social media content. From the reports you get after using the device, you can adjust your site by improving your social media pages hence set high standards in regards to your rank.


 It is the SEO tool that an ant startup can employ for the A/B testing to the state of their site to enhance good ranking. The graphic designer, together with the markets that build sits, does the A/B testing, which helps in analyzing the performance of its pages. The changes in terms of the fonts, colours, and other designing elements in your site help to make a massive difference in its ability to rank high.


When starting to venture into the world of SEO, startups have various resources at their disposal. For you to be ahead of your competitors, it is essential to use the addressed tools to improve your ranking.