10 Email Marketing Tools Beneficial For Small Business

Between consumers & a brand, ensuring proper communication calls for robust means like email marketing. Irrespective of what the brand wants to convey; offers, information or news, it is one of the finest established marketing tactics for targeting masses. Any business owner or eCommerce store merchant can add some personal touch to their interactions with subscribers through Email. Today, a lot of emphasis is placed upon email marketing strategies. Nowadays, there are email marketing tools that are applications helping marketers to fabricate, optimize and report the email marketing promotions.

Some shortlisted best Email Marketing Software for Small

  • Litmus – A versatile tool for a successful email campaign, its use lies in tracking & testing email. Appropriate for render testing, it will work the best when optimization of creative is carried out for all devices. Test 40 & beyond devices & clients with this tool as it sends test emails to addresses that can again be sent to ESP. This action brings forward information like desired devices, browsers and ISPs.Reorganizing the link testing becomes easier with such fantastic email marketing tools. Putting the email via landing page test will offer marketers with an overlay of that particular email and also the results of all the links. The insertion of tracking pixel by ESP tracking report in the email will benefit marketers with subscriber data like the location & method of opening the email.
  • HubSpot – You can expect the best email marketing service from HubSpot that helps in fabricating specialized marketing emails. The emails come with drop & drag email builder that can easily help in growing the audience. This is one of the finest email automation tools as HubSpot CRM can help to develop modified touchpoints for clients. Tailoring germane emails depending on details like website activity & form submissions is easier as HubSpot Email can be mechanically linked with HubSpot CRM.
  • EngageBay integrates functionality for sales, marketing and services in a single platform. This solution includes modules for email marketing, CRM, sales, live chat and marketing automation. All of them are integrated into a panel with a very easy to use interface. In short, it allows you to automate key business processes and routines to free yourself from non-productive tasks and help you focus on maintaining and growing your business. Hence, many consider this tool as a true alternative to the most expensive business solutions.
  • Reach MailWhen making email marketing comparison to choose the best email marketing tools, this option is a good one. It comes with Message testing feature with which straight performance metrics contrast can be witnessed as equal to 5 separate email campaigns. Not only subject line wording optimization is possible with this feature but you can actually see the performance of emails in comparison to others. There are a plethora of email templates that you can choose under this marketing tool. There is an advanced tracking feature as well that will enable you to see the users who clicked on the links.
  • BenchmarkIf searching for small business email marketing service, this is a powerful solution that you can put to use & it comes for free. The drop & drag attribute of this tool is very simple and so are the reporting tools & light automation. Social media integration & Google Analytics tracking are some advanced features of such fantastic email marketing tools.
  • DripBeing an open-source email marketer, calls for using email marketing platforms like this that comes with plenty of features. eCommerce platform integration, all-inclusive data analytics, message personalization are some features of this emailing tool. The platform supports distinct tools for crafting emails that are text-based and visual as well. This can help marketers achieve image-driven promotion, targeted follow-up messages, etc. Receivers will find emails relevant with this as it includes direct content customization.

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  • Constant contactRegarded as one of the best email services for small business, the tool is popular for its useful features. There are numerous responsive templates available that are customizable and are mobile responsive. Scheduling emails rapidly from mobile applications is possible as you can utilize the drop & drag email editing tool. Even social media marketing tools can be put together with this email marketing software for small business.
  • Mad mimi – One of the best email analytics tools, this comes with WYSIWG editor that enables you to generate the best proficient-grade emails. There are almost thirty-nine social networking buttons such as retweets, share, and pin and like. Email customization is possible for adding links as well. Mad Mimi also assimilates with Google Analytics for offering click tracking & in-depth statistics. You can attain reports like “forward to a friend” & export those to Excel if needed. You can even witness immediate responses on all social networking activities in the context of email campaigns.
  • Mailjet – Among the many email platforms for business, amalgamating transactional electronic mail sending & template based promotion in a single online application with this is hassle-free. It comes with a consultation service for booting as well. These are those email marketing tools comprising of RESTful API & SMTP server that also work very effortlessly with the rest of the applications. There are libraries with which adding Mailjet support to the applications in various languages like PHP & Python is unperturbed. Also, there is a 24*7 support line because of which even if you are stuck, you will always get help.
  • AWeberWith the e-marketing tool of AWeber, customer engagement takes place at its peak as there are more than 150 email templates for making email design procedures hassle-free. You can largely enhance business functions with this tool as email marketing accounts can be integrated with various online services. Do pay a visit to AWeber Labs where you can construct your own applications via the AWeber API.
  • GetResponseOne of the very effective email marketing tools, this helps in fabricating world-class marketing campaigns. Efficacious maintenance of the contact list is possible with this tool. It can track the number of subscribers who view the emails or those who complain. You can even discover why some people unsubscribed.
  • Newoldstamp – With this email signature generator, businesses will be able to create, manage, and distribute email signatures across your whole company. Design a unified company-wide email signature for your employees and push all changes from the dashboard directly to their email client settings with Newoldstamp, a user-friendly email signature software.


Email marketing is the answer for everything starting from producing new leads, engaging current consumers, driving results, etc. Email for business is highly significant as it can drive conversions and automate the sales cycle. Make correct use of email marketing tools as there is no other digital marketing strategy that is more powerful. Businesses of every size can slot in their target audience easily with these tools. Connect with us today to employ the best tool that will help you take your business to the next level. 

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