TikTok Marketing

Your Extensive Guide to TikTok Marketing

Do you think about getting your brand on TikTok? Don’t think – act. With over one billion active users per month, this social media reaches the top of the rating of the most popular entertainment platforms. A growing number of brands are taking advantage of TikTok, using it for their promotional campaigns. This guide to TikTok marketing is a possibility to see new opportunities provided by this media platform and ways you can use them in your business. 

TikTok Basics

Despite the popularity of TikTok, this social platform is known better to generation Z. And this is OK, taking into account that 52% of its active users are between the age of 10 and 29. 

On its appearance in 2016, TikTok wasn’t actually called so. This Chinese social media platform, which still operates in the territory of its native country under the brand name Douyin, left the borders of China in 2017 when it was launched for Android and iOS. One year later, the new story of TikTok began after merging with Musical.ly – another Chinese musical social media. This gave a strong push to the development of TikTok, due to the new features it gained.

Now TikTok is a fast-growing community with 2.6 billion and counting app downloads. The phenomenon of TikTok is hard to explain, but it is obvious that it attracts people by the creative yet simple ways to have fun. TikTokers create fun videos that go viral, initiate dance challenges, and make catchy lip-sync videos.

The platform allows shooting videos in the application, or they can be downloaded from your smartphone or cloud storage. The in-app videos can be edited using the features available within the application. For changing videos that are made outside the app, one can use InShot software or VivaVideo. Their main benefit is royalty-free music libraries, which are priceless for any TikToker. 

How to Use TikTok for Your Brand Benefit?

Aiming to present a brand to the TikTok world or to promote a new product, businesses can try reaching their target audience in several ways. 

Make the Most of the Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful instruments for any business fighting for the TikTok audience’s attention. Start your own brand hashtag side by side with those that have already become popular on the network. Do little research to know what hashtags of your competitors work best and which of them fail. This way, you’ll single out what can be beneficial for your brand.

Another way to win leads for your company is to participate in hashtag challenges or initiate your own. This task is a lot easier to complete in collaboration with social media influencers.

Get Support from TikTok Influencers

By arranging collaboration with the trendiest TikTok influencers, you can attract leads very fast. How to arrange this? Just analyze what videos are on the wave and message the person who managed to reach such a success. For promoting a brand, one can create a sponsored hashtag or make a couple of videos where your products will be presented. To speed up the growth of awareness about your company, product, or service among TikTokers, work with several influencers at a time. This will allow you to cover a broader audience of viewers and make your campaign more concentrated if one can say so. 

Content Is the Thing That Matters Most

TikTok is all about content. The task of a successful marketer is to make this content sharable, and if they are lucky enough, viral. Similar to other social media, on TikTok, the only thing that can make your known is shares. But unlike Facebook, where serious matters can gain more, on TikTok, your content should be entertaining, positive, and eye-catching.

Funny videos tend to be shared more often. Creating such a piece of content can become quite a challenging task, but when you succeed, the shares with hit the sky. 

Not only laugh can make people like your video. All sorts of tutorials and ‘how-to’ videos are also very popular on TikTok. Enhance the potential and the quality of the videos by adding filters, video effects, green screen, and many others. PowerDirector application can be really helpful with that. You can find a lot of information about other mobile apps and PC software for editing videos and making your visuals more appealing and eye-catching in Movavi Blog.

Build Your Brand TikTok Community

Why is it so important to build a community of people around your brand? Experience says that people who feel emotionally attached to some brand buy and return more often than those who don’t have any emotional component in their purchase. 

Social media, including TikTok, offer a great opportunity for connection with the followers, and there’s no way you should fail this task. In fact, there’s nothing difficult about that: people like communication, so give this to them. Answer the comments under your posts, and we bet you’ll get hundreds of new ones. You can also warm-up the interest of your subscribers and viewers by publishing teasers of the upcoming products and answering the comments you receive. 

What should you do if your video is lacking comments? In such a case, you have to revise and probably change your current marketing strategy on TikTok.

TikTok Ads to Raise your Leads

Among the recent updates on TikTok is the possibility to advertise your brand. Although this is a paid feature, it can bring the needed results quite fast. The so-called brand takeovers allow your brand app to appear here and there on the users’ newsfeeds. The ads are clickable and are linked to your brand website or TikTok brand account. Another way to facilitate your product on this platform is to add it to the native ads. These are short videos usually shown in between the users’ content. 


TikTok offers diverse opportunities for brands who are not afraid to experiment and show their products from a new perspective. Although making the first steps there may be tough, the more you learn about this social media platform, the easier it will be to catch your potential customer into your marketing sales funnel.