Why Your Business Needs an SEO Agency Now

Why Your Business Needs an SEO Agency Now

Using SEO to grow your business is by now a non-negotiable. But the speed at which this industry is advancing means you can no longer rely on general know-how. This is why your business needs the services of a dedicated SEO agency.

As founders or owners, we know our business, but when it comes to SEO, only an expert knows how to strategize to achieve the best results. 

The Importance Of SEO 

SEO is what makes your business visible to consumers. Successful companies are the ones that show up on the first page of a Google search. We all know from personal experience how seldom pages two, three, etc. get a look in. If you’re looking for cold hard facts, research by Backlinko found that a measly 0.78% of people clicked on anything on the second page of a Google search. 

Increasing your SERPs (search engine results pages) ranking should be one of your company’s highest priorities, and achieving that automatically requires stellar SEO strategies. Just one of the reasons you should consider employing an expert. 

What Does An SEO Agency Offer?

So, what does an SEO agency do that general digital marketers and content creators don’t? 

There are many answers to this question, but the main one is simply that SEO specialists have superior knowledge and capabilities that allow them to get the most out of SEO strategies. 

Advanced SEO techniques like re-optimizing old content, using Google RankBrain, or implementing schema markup are all in a day’s work for SEO agencies. These techniques are critical if you want to make your business website stand out. 

What You Get From An SEO Agency

The list of services you can get from an SEO agency is long, but we’ve chosen to focus on a few core benefits you’ll enjoy when employing an expert as opposed to doing the job yourself.  

  1. Saving money while increasing your SERPs ranking

Many companies spend a fortune on marketing in attempts to make their websites more visible in Google searches. An SEO specialist, however, can use SEO tools to achieve maximum exposure with minimum expense. High quality web traffic from organic searches is your goal, and having an agency increase your visibility without having to buy ads is the way to achieve it. 

In general, SEO is a far more affordable and organic way of increasing your business’s visibility when compared to PPC marketing.  

  1. Getting customized services

SEO doesn’t just mean keywords in typed content any more. Voice search SEO, video SEO, and mobile SEO are playing an increasingly important role in digital marketing. And as if that isn’t complicated enough, you’ll struggle to reap the benefits of SEO methods unless they are tailored to your audience (as precisely as possible). 

According to available Google statistics, 27% of Earth’s population make use of voice searches on their mobile devices. As we get deeper into the 2020s, search engine optimization continues to develop across various media; as a result, your business cannot afford to stagnate in its SEO strategy. 

Voice search options like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and this has forced companies to adjust their approach to the use of keywords. Unlike typed content, voice searches often contain words such as “how”, “where” and “why”. 

SEO experts know exactly how to use long-tail keywords to boost your SERP ranking. You can do this yourself, of course, but employing a dedicated SEO agency saves time, effort, and ultimately money. Specialists also have a better understanding of analytics, and access to the most up-to-date analytics tools, allowing them to adjust strategies and keep up with new developments. Getting into the finer details of SEO is time-consuming, which is why a dedicated SEO agency is a wise continuing investment.

  1. Audits, analysis and assessment

Digital marketers who don’t specialize in SEO can still implement it, but employing an SEO expert can take your business to the next level. One way of doing this is by performing regular assessments and link audits of your website or getting an agency to do it for you. 

A link audit, for example, is a powerful tool in every SEO expert’s arsenal. Backlinks that function as routes to your website can be a great source of traffic. An SEO agency can use analytics to ensure that you’re getting the most out of keywords and links—a task that ought to be done by specialists. 

Many digital marketers approach SEO with the idea that they must work around search engines rather than with them. Phil Frost, founder and owner of a digital marketing agency, hit the nail on the head when he said, “successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” 

SEO agencies have a great understanding of this, allowing them to approach their work with a totally different mindset than that of a novice. 

Qualities Of A Great SEO Agency

Of course, not every SEO agency provides the greatest service, but there are things to look out for when choosing who to go with. Green flags that show you an agency is worth a shot include:

  • They can provide you with case studies and statistics that demonstrate their efficacy
  • They have testimonials from other (established) companies
  • They aren’t afraid to take you through the process step-by-step
  • They demonstrate a thorough understanding of your goals 

What Can You Look Forward To With An SEO Agency?

Without an SEO expert on your payroll, it can be hard to keep track of the results of your SEO strategies. Having someone whose sole focus is those results frees up your time so that you can dedicate yourself to other aspects of your business. When you partner with a reputable SEO agency, you can look forward to better search engine rankings, more organic traffic, and increased long-term success.