How to Make a Captivating Marketing Video for Your Business

How to Make a Captivating Marketing Video for Your Business

Let’s be honest. When it comes to owning a business, self-promotion is key, and you want to have your products and/or services appear in the best light. One of the most effective ways to do this is via a solid marketing video that features high-quality content that brings value to your audience and can grow your brand. Our marketing pros have some great tips on how to create a captivating marketing video for your business.

People Enjoy Consuming Video

Footage and clips help us to learn in a convenient way. In other words, text is no match these days when multimedia is being used on digital screens. Folks like watching videos, and the numbers tell the story. According to one key study conducted in 2018, videos made up 60% of the internet traffic out there. Also, a 2019 Pew study discovered that 27% of people did not pick up a book to read in the past year. Video matters, and social media is king.

Mobile-Friendly Marketing

You want to make it easy for your audience to find and watch you in this modern high-tech world. Our experts recommend that your marketing video can be downloaded and seen on mobile devices. Your video should be designed to work the exact same way across devices. If your video isn’t compatible with mobile devices, you may lose significant traffic and visibility.

Fab Title/Introduction

Viewers have short attention spans, and if your introduction and title don’t catch their eye within 10 seconds, your audience is apt to click off. You want to hook the viewer into watching your entire marketing video, so create an introduction that offers something such as inspiration, information, entertainment, etc. Your title also needs to stand out containing relevant keywords to make its presence on the search engines.

URL Role In Marketing Video

Here’s another marketing expert’s tip: If you’re looking to boost traffic to your company website and could benefit by added exposure, then, highlight your URL. In other words, display your website address in your marketing video. It’s a small, simple step that doesn’t hurt to include.

Perfect Mood And Message

Never underestimate the power of music woven throughout your marketing video because it can quickly establish positive feelings about a product and/or service. You can use Stock Music for your marketing video which offers the ideal royalty-free tunes that help your audience connect with your business and brand. The right music creates a mood, helps to deliver your message and helps you ensure recognition value.

How-To Content Benefits

Tutorials are something many folks enjoy watching, and your marketing video could use this approach. When you post a tutorial type of video such as a how-to or screencast, you can engage with your audience with informative content that relates to your product and/or service.

High-Quality Produced Videos

When you’re creating a marketing video for your business, you want to bring something solid and interesting to the table, but you also don’t want to present a poorly produced video. That’s an instant turn-off. If you need a professional company to help, then, don’t hesitate. Maybe you need someone with a great speaking voice or assistance with lighting, props, etc. Your video doesn’t have to be of Hollywood standards, but the production quality is key.

Company Landing Page Link

Did you know that if you embed your marketing video in your landing page that you can achieve a higher conversion rate by some 80%? It’s an excellent strategy to consider, especially when some 90% of customers say that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.

Video Launch Promotion

Hey, it’s okay to toot your horn, and marketing pros recommend it highly. Build up hype around the launch of your marketing video. You can do this via your website, social media channels and your blog content.


There’s tons of competition out there for any entrepreneur these days, but you can rise to the top when you create a strong strategy and captivating marketing video for your business. Look over our tips outlined above, and have fun bringing high-quality content to your audience. Remember, someone’s always watching.