Why Pet Brands Need Digital Marketing Hacks

Why Pet Brands Need Digital Marketing Hacks

You love pets and have always owned one since you were a child. You have taught yourself all there is to learn about taking care of them. Getting into the pet brand business for you was, therefore, a foregone conclusion.  

The business potential is there. You also know you have some fantastic pet products to sell. But, you find that you are not alone in the business. It is quite challenging to break through the competition.

What you may not know is that you have one thing working to your advantage. The online space has tons of opportunities you can use to get visibility. One such way is to use digital marketing. 

Our article will show you why pet brands need digital marketing hacks.  Eventually, you should be able to apply the right strategies to get your brand in the market. 

Understanding Digital Marketing And Why You Need It For Your Pet Brands Business 

Digital marketing is any process you take to market your products in the online space. There are many ways you can do this. Websites, email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click, and even content generation are some ways.  

So why should you invest in digital marketing for your pet brands? 

  1. You Have Tons of Options

You have tons of digital marketing hacks to get your pet products into the market. They include:- 

  • Content generation through blogs, articles, videos, Infographics, and even eBooks. Start by understanding what solutions the audiences are looking for. By touching on what pet owners want to know, you become a source of information. The critical thing to remember is to maintain relevance and create engaging content. Please take a look at this website for an idea of what we are talking about. 
  • Social media gives access to a broad audience base. The trick is to know where your target audiences are first. It will help you maximize the benefits they have to offer. Do not spread yourself too thin by trying to have a presence on all platforms. You are better off being on one or two. It allows you to concentrate on coming up with the best content. It also makes it easier for you to interact with the audience. 
  • Use part of your budget on social media ads. Let’s say you sell luxury pet products. Your best bet would be Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You are likely to find people who like the finer things in life on such platforms. They may look up to celebrities and may want to mimic their lifestyles. Spending money to boost posts may work very well.
  • Email Marketing continues to be a powerful digital marketing strategy. Ensure proper audience segmentation for best targeting.
  • Giveaways, contests, and discounts will have people flocking to your site. Who doesn’t like the opportunity to save a little money? 
  • Influencer marketing is excellent for product endorsement and helps build trust. But, take the time to find the right influencer. Engaging Caesar, the dog whisperer, to push dog products would work. First, he knows the animals well. Second, he has an audience base that would listen to him. Of course, when starting, you may not have the budget for celebrities. You can work with micro-influencers. Such individuals have taken the time to build an audience base without celebrity status.  
  1. It is Cost-Effective 

Digital marketing provides a cost-effective option for getting brand visibility. Take a minute to think about how much you would spend on analog vs. digital advertising. Getting a spot in print or electronic media can be very expensive. You will be fighting with established brands for peak advertising spots.  

Media houses sell such spots at premium rates because the likelihood of more people seeing your messaging is higher. Yet, realizing ROI may be difficult. You can never be quite sure whether your target audience is watching or reading the medium. 

Now here is the beauty of digital marketing. You are not fighting anyone for prime positioning. You can start your digital marketing from your mobile or smart devices. There are no production budgets like you would for TV advertising. You don’t have to arrange for lengthy photoshoots and the hiring of models. 

Gone are sleepless nights of hanging out with graphic designers hoping to beat deadlines. No one will bump you off your ad spot because they found a client who is willing to pay a little bit more.

  1. It Provides an Opportunity for Engagement With Audiences 


Creating audience engagement is critical for digital marketing. You want to build organic audiences for the different platforms. The digital space is like an open field you can run around in as much as you want.  

You, for example, do not have a limit to the number of posts. If you are blogging, you can churn out as much content as you want. You also have leeway with creativity on topics and writing styles.  

Let’s say you notice, your audience asks questions like how to make a cat bed. They may even ask about the best food to give a pregnant kitty. Only your imagination will limit the range of responses and content you can generate.  

You can:-

  • Use an influencer to recommend ideal pet products or brands
  • Show your audience’s how to make DIY cat beds
  • Talk about dos and don’ts of buying a cat bed
  • Share best recipes for pregnant cats
  • Teach your audiences about nutrition and caring for pregnant cats
  • Share interesting stories about seeing your cat turn into a mum for the first time, etc. 

If your content resonates with the audience, they will interact with you. In the end, you breed loyalty, which will result in conversions for your business.

  1.  It is Easier to Measure the Results of Digital Marketing Strategies 

It is easy to measure the results of digital marketing.  Let’s go back to the example above about analog media. The media house may convince you that booking slots during news hours will give you maximum exposure. That means your ad will run during the commercial breaks.  

But, think about your media consumption patterns. When there is a break, that is when you run to the kitchen to refill your drink. You may also use this time for a bathroom break or to return a call. It is hard to know how many people see your adverts. It becomes challenging to measure ROI.  

This does not apply to digital marketing. With tools like Google Analytics, you get relevant insights that let you know whether your digital marketing strategy is working. There are reports on the number of people who visit your website. 

Analytics gives insights into the kind of content they interact with the most. You can measure bounce rates and how long they stay on your side. All this information can help improve your digital marketing strategy.  

Final Thoughts

Selling pet brands has a lot of potential as a business idea. People treat pets like family and will do all they can to take good care of them. The online space has a lot of potential. Therefore, it helps to have the right digital marketing hacks.

Digital marketing is cost-effective, and you have tons of options. But, take the time to research the different hacks well to get the most out of them.