What is Organic SEO & Why Is it Important?

What is Organic SEO & Why Is it Important?

Everyone seems to love being organic these days, but whenever you hear this all important buzzword it is typically focused on food, clothing, or a lifestyle, but never on SEO? So, what is organic SEO and what makes it the most important thing that your business can do in 2022?

For starters, SEO or search engine optimization, is whenever you do certain actions to get your web pages to rank higher in a search engine. The higher your ranking goes, the higher up your website or content is whenever your customers type in keywords related to you in their search engines. However, organic SEO is a bit different.

What Is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO focuses on using non-paid methods to increase your SEO presence. While some companies choose to use paid methods such as advertising and buying views on their pages (and there’s nothing wrong with this strategy), your business might not have the money to invest in this type of marketing.

Organic SEO is using things like keyword building, links, and growing your ranking naturally. If you can create one very well optimized, evergreen article for your business, that is often better than a hundred dollars spent on advertisements.

Ways To Use Organic SEO

First, one of the best ways to increase your ranking with SEO is to use common sense. Make sure your articles are information driven and original, because no one wants to see a copy pasted article that is full of useless information. Additionally, make sure your website is easy to load into and easy to get around, because if your users can’t get to your website fast, they will not stick around.

Making sure you have good keywords that are properly placed, as well as an optimized way to share your content on social media, is also a good idea.

Why Should You Use Organic SEO?

For starters, there are a lot of dangerous and unhelpful SEO practices that not only stop the consumers from reading and engaging with your content, but they also can get you and your website in trouble as well. These practices can include, excessive linking, keyword stuffing, purchasing links, spinning content instead of making it original, and automating the creation of content.

Organic SEO keeps you out of trouble and also makes it so your content is very original. No one is going to look at your content and think that it is there just to get views or have some type of interaction. 

Organic SEO is designed to be helpful and give good content to those who are searching for it, and it draws viewers in. It doesn’t turn them off or stop them from continuing to read through your webpages, and it helps your user engagement because they know that your website can be trusted.

What Benefit Does Organic SEO Give?

Having organic SEO means that you are playing the long game. While purchasing advertisements and doing other paid for practices of SEO are perfectly valid options in the short term, you can’t rely on them in the long term. If something happens to your business and you need to stop paying for advertisements, then all of the customers the ads were bringing in are gone.

However, organic SEO, such as an evergreen article with a valid call to action and useful information, will never go out of style and you don’t need to pay a cent for it. In fact, it continues to work for you because you can repost or backlink to that article as many times as you want.

Helpful content that both new and old customers can refer to, is always going to aid your business, and organic SEO is going to help you get further than buying advertisements will. At least in the long term, combining both is a good strategy when you are starting out.

How To Get Started With Organic SEO

First, before you focus on keywords and meta descriptions and marketing tools, you need to be writing good and helpful content. The content is going to be what draws people in and the content is going to keep them wanting more. So, make sure that whatever you are writing, podcasting, putting on your social media, or otherwise putting out online is going to provide value to your customers.

Then you can focus on putting keywords and meta descriptions in the pieces of content people are engaging most with, and perhaps adding a call to action to those posts as well. Organic SEO is one of the most important tools you can use to grow your business, and whether you are going at it alone or using a coach to help you through it, you’ll find that it is going to be your cornerstone for growth