What Are The Rules Of Thumb For UI/UX Ecommerce Web Design?

An eCommerce website is only as successful as the level of effort that is put into its design. UI/UX design is a major piece of that puzzle. App builders will often attempt to direct a client to the proper web design firms that have their best interests at heart. While app builders can assist eCommerce clients in a number of ways, there is no substitute for a high functioning website.

Knowing more about the unwritten rules of thumb always helps. That’s why this guide has been prepared. There are certain principles that can be applied to almost any UI/UX web design project in the eCommerce realm. It all starts by taking the time to consider the target audience and their concerns.

What annoys them most when they are shopping online? What mistakes have been made in the past by other app builders and web designers? How can we alter our user interface and user experience to provide a better experience? In order to answer those questions fully, a client will have to consider the following rules of thumb:

Focus on the Goods and Services

Anyone who has ever visited a site that is overly focused on other aspects can definitely relate to this one. One of the most common pieces of advice that UI/UX web designers and app builders will offer to clients focuses on the importance of zeroing in on goods and services. In other words, don’t try to dazzle the customer with a bunch of extra features and needless information. Consider their experience first during the process of designing an eCommerce site or app.

Avoid All Clutter

The user interface and user experience are significantly improved when clutter is removed from the equation entirely. Each element of the site or app should have its own breathing space. If there is too much clutter on an eCommerce site or app, the user is likely to become more anxious than they would have been otherwise. Obviously, the best eCommerce sites and apps should be putting users at ease. Too many unwanted taps and the app or site will never be visited again.

Proper Categorization

Too many eCommerce stores fail to realize that their browsers are not going to be able to find the goods and services that they need on their own. The best eCommerce sites pride themselves on making life easier for their customers. They do not jam their pages full of promotional content. Top notch UI/UX web design focuses on the products and the categories that they are going to be placed in. UI/UX designers allow for the necessary categorization.

Make The Search Field Easy To Use

Searching should always be made easy and when it is not? That is when problems start to arise. The best UI/UX designers and app builders can place themselves in the shoes of the target audience with ease. Anyone who has ever shopped online in the past can relate to the annoyance of not being able to find the search field in a timely manner. No shopping site or app is ever going to be truly complete without a search field that makes perfect sense to the target audience in question.

Prioritize The Checkout Option

So, the target audience is able to find the items that they are searching for in a timely manner and they have all been properly categorized. What happens when they are unable to check out in a timely manner? In a worst case scenario, the consumer may get frustrated. They may even decide to end their session and take their business elsewhere. This is something that the top app builders and UI/UX web designers should be able to avoid. Make sure that the checkout option is simple and easy.

Use Aesthetically Pleasing Imagery

The modern consumer is always going to respond to a site or app that has been designed with aesthetic appeal in mind. Some eCommerce sites and apps may utilize animated images as a means of drawing in the necessary eyeballs. Others have a knack for locating the perfect stock images. An eCommerce site or app without images is just boring. This is one of the worst adjectives that could be used to describe a site or app in the current climate.

Offer Plenty of Details

The consumer is using the site in hopes of learning more about the goods and services that are available. If they cannot find the necessary details about the products that they are considering, they are simply going to take their business elsewhere. Why would a customer ever waste their time on a site or app that does not offer the proper amount of detail? Details and specifications are very important to the modern consumer, especially in a climate where most shopping begins with an online search.

By adhering to these basic rules of thumb, it has never been easier to get started on a project of this nature. UI/UX design is a key element of eCommerce web design. However, there are a number of additional elements to consider outside of the obvious.

Those who take the time to do so will always have far more success over the short term and the long haul. A site runner that does not start by placing themselves in the shoes of the target audience is starting off on the wrong foot. Taking an online business to a whole new level has never been easier.

Author Bio:
Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies.

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