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What are the Important Points to create a Nice Instagram Story?

Instagram is the most utilized social media for the public, in 2022. Any company or professional that isn’t using it to get more followers, which can turn into customers or clients in the long run, is simply missing out on a great opportunity. But for an Instagram story to reach its target, you need to follow a few important points. Here is how to create beautiful Instagram stories.

Get Help

Just like with any other marketing tool online, or on traditional platforms (TV, newspapers, etc.), the first thing to do is to find help to create them. That is simply to ensure that you are indeed creating good stories, that will be interesting for viewers, so that it brings you more followers. Simply posting a picture as a story will not be sufficient to have an impact. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. Internet users get bored easily, and when they do so, they tend to avoid posts and stories from the company or the person that created them, afterwards.

So, what you need, is to find an Instagram story background template from an app, online. Starting from scratch is not a good solution, especially if you have never created an Instagram story before. Those templates are created by professionals, who have been working in the social media industry for years. It is a guarantee that you are heading in the right direction, to start with. Of course, after that, it will be up to you to create interesting stories, by following the steps below.


The first step, once you have selected the template that you wish to use, is to insert the photo or video of your choice. Normally, the selection of the template is according to the content of this image. It can be something that you have created yourself or one that comes from a royalty-free content library. Make sure that is the case, because using someone else’s property is illegal and should be avoided.


It may seem strange, but text has become one of the most important elements to add to a photo or a video. People expect to be able to read something, as the image goes along, in order to understand better what it is looking at. An image without words is simply not as powerful, today.


If there is no one talking on the video, adding music will make it much more interesting to viewers, and it will show in the results that you get.


If you have an image or a video playing, you still may decide to use a background, either all around it, on top or at the bottom. Choose the right colour that will make it come out best.


In the end, you may add whatever option that you feel is needed, in order to complete the story. These may be stickers, other pictures, or even animation. Watch the result a few times, before deciding that you are done and ready to publish.