What apps to use to help with Digital Marketing?

What apps to use to help with Digital Marketing?

Many people started working at home in 2021, either because of unemployment or simply to avoid the risk of getting covid-19. 

One of the areas most impacted by this cultural change was Digital Marketing. Reasons abound: there is an area to work in several different niches. Whether producing digital content or providing consulting services, there are tools that help anyone, from the most beginner to the most experienced. These are app’s and digital platforms that have become indispensable for any professional.

With this in mind, we have developed some essential tips so that you can get to know these tools and enjoy all their features to the full, and thus make your job easier.

1- FlexClip, create or edit videos quickly

It is a great and excellent digital platform, (which would be a pro, after all you won’t need to download anything on your smartphone or notebook to enjoy its resources).

Starting from FlexClip, in a few clicks and in a really very intuitive way, you can create videos with photos the way you need it. The tool has in its database several templates, which are valuable resources for you to freely create and edit the way you need.

FlexClip is a powerful tool when creating audio-visual content for your Marketing projects. Many professionals use it, from publishers when they launch BookTrailers, to e-commerce owners. If you need to present a product to the digital market, you definitely have the freedom to create the explainer videos with FlexClip. This type of content draws a lot of attention from consumers called Qualified Lead’s.

2- Canva is great for social media

Here is an app (which can be downloaded on your smartphone, or accessed in your browser) very powerful for the famous: “social media’s”.

Canva is good for creating content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Its contents are vast to enjoy, and a good part of it is free. It will be possible to produce various types of content for promotion and dissemination. Independent music artists use it a lot to create artwork for their printed works such as record covers and even books.

An interesting way to use the tool in traditional marketing (that which is outside the internet) is the production of banners and even printed pamphlets used for distribution among people on the city’s streets.

All of this is very easy to create in Canva. That’s why we highly recommend the tool.

3- Google Ads for dissemination in the search engine

Here we’ll have an app that can be downloaded to your cell phone, and that way, in a really intuitive and simple way, you’ll be able to develop and keep an eye on campaigns for advertising and promotion of services and products.

This app is in our article not by chance, as it is a very good possibility in creating campaigns and monitoring, which can be done even while we are traveling on vacation, or even on a quick weekend break.

The app has been introducing us as the essential technology that is increasingly in the palm of our hands today. When we need to send reports over a weekend to our boss or even a client, just take a screenshot of the screen and send it via whatsapp or email. The facility is so great that in just a few minutes we can access, view the results, and turn off the smartphone, turning our focus to enjoying our time off, now in tranquility.

The only downside of this app is that we need to have knowledge about creating google campaigns so we can get a good result. Creating any type of campaign is simple, but knowing how to set it up in order to reach our audience is quite complicated. This is due to the fact that the app offers many forms of campaign customization, which is not a bad thing on the professional side.

4- Do you write a lot? Evernote is a great app

Do you work writing content for websites and blogs? Already familiar with Evernote?

If the answer is no, here are some tips on how to use it:

Content Creation

Content Organization

Financial Organization

Project Management

As we can see, the app is excellent even for creating notes and its use is even in becoming a kind of portable agenda for appointments. It is a versatile app that can be used mainly to organize your routine.

Finally, the uses we can give the app are many. Its functions are so many that starting the production of a book is much easier. We can write already forming an index automatically, as you create chapters. Practical, don’t you think?

5- Chat with your team is through Rocket Chat

Our last tip for today is Rocket Chat! We have around here for both notebooks and smartphones. The functions are no surprise for those who know communication apps, but the big “leap of the cat” here is a gathering of the best features of almost all the tools, in a single one. This app could be exemplified as a clever mix of Google Meets and Messenger.

The downside is that it’s a paid tool, but for a large team it’s really worth it, as you’ll be able to create several exclusive chats for specific sectors. There is also the possibility of opening a parallel general chat for everyone to interact with. Using video calling for meetings is a pleasure.

Now we would like to know if you liked these apps tips for working with Digital Marketing! Comment below what you think, and if you know other useful tools, feel free to show us!