Website Check List | Is your Website Doing Good Enough in 2021

The world of websites is evolving in our sleep. Around 10 years ago your average website would look dull and boring. That is not the case this year, because now we’re looking at stunning, breathtaking designs on our favorite websites. It’s amazing how fast websites have evolved, but not all websites are created equal.

Some websites haven’t transitioned over to the future of web design, and those businesses, brands, and people are missing out on a lot of protentional. There are a few things that you need to make sure your website is doing, so it will be good enough in 2021.

1 Accessibility

Accessibility is a great reason for the success of every website. If something goes wrong, you need to know the right recourses to fix the problem and make sure your business or brand is running at its peak performance.


Picture this: You wrote a book, and you want to look for a literary agent to help you publish it. You look up “Literary agent for my new book” on a search engine and click on one of the results that’s not an ad. SEO is playing a role in that scenario because the Literary agency uses keywords on their website as SEO tools to be on the front page of that search engine.

3 Design

Nobody likes a boring website. Imagine if your favorite company had a website that had a bunch of clutter on it, had content problems, and overall does not meet user’s expectations. Do you think that would put a bad reputation on the company? Do you think it would put a sour taste of that company in your mouth? It would for a lot of people. That is why it’s important to have a good overall design for your website.

4 Good Web Hosting

This for your business is very important. It assures that everything is working properly, and makes sure you have easy accessibility if something goes wrong. If you don’t have a good web hosting that, your setting you and your business up for failure. If you have the best website ever created, and you choose to host it on a potato hooked into the internet, it’s not going to run as fast for your visitors.

5 Website Speed test

Picture this: It’s near your mother’s birthday, and you know the perfect necklace you want to get her. You go online to shop for a necklace like the one you saw in the store a week ago, but everything is running slow. Images aren’t loading fast enough, prices aren’t loading properly, and your website crashes. Turns out, the shop hasn’t done a website speed test, and it’s been slow since day one. It’s always a great idea to run a website speed test, so you know how fast your website is running, how long It takes to download and upload pieces of data on your website and provide a great customer experience.


There are a lot of things you need to look out for in 2021 for your website. Visitors don’t want to see a website that’s slow and outdated, and they want it to meet their expectations as well. Visitors also want to find your site and be able to connect to it without having to blink twice. If you want to have a successful website in 2021, there are a lot of fine details that you need to pay attention to, and a lot of time and effort you need to put in.

Delan Cooper is a writer with years of experience in marketing communication. He enjoys meeting new people and reading more books to get inspired for his own book. Connect with him on Twitter.