How to Improve Your Websites UX and Earn More Leads In 2020

An optimized website can turn into a moneymaking machine. Having a fantastic website UX is critical for every business out there. No matter how big or small your business is, you need several website UX strategies to create more leads for your website and increase your conversion rate and sales. Read on for more in-depth insight.

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Website UX designs, also known as user experience, is the design that products and services give a relevant and meaningful experience to users. 

Being online is vital for your business; more than many people would think. Your business’ face is your website. Nowadays, those who use sites are very selective and specific on what they expect from a website. It is also true for those who go online to play games expecting to win. Online pokies is one of the slot games that offer excellent chances of winning. Enjoy it before going back to upgrading your websites UX. 

As the bar becomes high every time, it would be tough for small businesses to have an effective website UX.

However, you need to know that improving the experience of your customers is not so tough. The advantage you get through a small effort can be so immense. Improving your website design has many benefits, and it will improve user experience and give you better search rankings. Better rankings lead to more business and greater profits. 

This article will help discover how you can have a good UX design website and help improve the user experience.

Your Content Should Be Engaging

Engaging content is very important for any site. In today’s world, visitors to your website are looking for more than just having a purchase; they also want to have a nice experience. The easiest way for you to achieve this is by having engaging content.

In order to have your engaging content, you should strive to tell the story of your brand while at the same time, creating a connection with the clients. 

Provide Information Efficiently and Concisely

The main reason why people visit your website is to get the right information. Get a website builder who will make it easy for visitors to navigate your site. The statements and wordings in your site should not be redundant; this is what many businesses fail to understand. 

Ensure you provide information in a structured and elegant way so that the visitors to your site get what they want. Many web designers want a shortcut, and they tend to gravitate more towards simple designs. Provide information in an easy to understand format for the best customer experience.

Your Layout Needs To Be Strategic

Never compromise on the layout of your website. Style is everything. It will improve website ranking and have a positive impact on the user experience. Brutalism has been on the rise this year, and many users say they enjoy it. 

Alternatively, you can have an artistic, beautiful site, which will help you establish your site as a leader and way above the rest of your competitors. Nonetheless, there are those that decide to be conservative. If you are one of them, ensure the website leads can help a visitor understand what it is that you offer. 

There are new trends that are coming up; they offer minimal layouts that have broken grids. The importance of these new trends is that they reduce unnecessary clutter.

Optimize Your Website

One of the most important things is to know how to improve a website for better business and more sales. Optimizing a website acts as the backbone of your operations. Factors including mobile responsiveness and speed affect how users rate your site.

The speed of your site and how it responds has serious effects on the revenue. If a potential customer thinks that your site is fast, but it turns out that it is slow, they will not buy from your company. In fact, research shows that having a slow website may cut your revenue by up to 40%. 

You should ensure the speed of your website at the optimum. You should not lose any business because of mobile responsiveness or speed. 

Make Sure You Impress Your Customer

Never annoy your clients. There are certain things that you ought to do to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Ensure the design and the website speed is up to date. Have a website speed test to ascertain that your website is at par or better than your competitors.

Your website should not have information bombardment, auto-play, and pop-ups. Most of these pop-ups are annoying and may make visitors leave immediately. When you are doing your website design, stay clear of walls of text, clutter, and automatic videos and music. 


Your site needs to be at the top of search engines, and mobile responsiveness and speed optimization should not be difficult to implement. There are many tools and web services that help you optimize your site and test its speed. This way, you will have a productive website.

Was the article informative? Do you know of other ways on how you can improve on your website’s UX? Leave suggestions on the comment box below.

Bio: Thomas Glare is a web designer with a whole wealth of experience running into decades. He has practised both as an IT expert and currently works as a freelancer. He shares his knowledge through books, journals, and his website.


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