Try These Proven Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Increase Online Course Sales

Try These Proven Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Increase Online Course Sales

You might have created one of the best online courses in the whole world. But it is of no use unless people get to know about it. Only then you will be able to sell courses and generate new leads. 

You need to create a marketing strategy to sell your course online. Strategies that are tried and tested and can give you desired results in very short time. 

In this article we look at 8 such affiliate marketing strategies that are proven and can be implemented by anyone who is an affiliate marketer. 

Following strategies are very cost effective and can be implemented even if you are on a low budget. 

Partnering with Right Affiliates 

You need to partner with right affiliates who are going to drive new sales daily. The best way to find good affiliates is by using affiliate recruitment software. 

While choosing high performing affiliates you need to consider things like their audience following, website ranking, views, engagement rate and authority. 

If you are selling online courses then you shouldn’t depend only on software tools to find best affiliates. 

I would recommend you to join online forums and discussion boards where you can have live human to human interaction with marketers and other experts in the industry. 

They can help you with hiring most effective and competent affiliate marketers in your niche.  

Create a Powerful Landing Page

You may have the best affiliates who are driving tons of traffic to your website. But if your landing page fails to convert visitors into customers then that traffic is of no use. 

To make best use of visitors coming on to your site you need to create high quality landing pages. 

The first rule of thumb is to know your audience. A powerful landing page speaks directly to the people who are looking for solutions to their problems.

After learning about your audience you can write a persuasive sales page that really connects with them. 

Make your sales page more readable by highlighting the main points. On average people don’t spend more than 7 seconds on a landing page. The page should be more scan able. 

And finally stick to one call-to-action and not too many.      

Content Marketing – Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasts  

Content marketing is the perhaps oldest and proven affiliate marketing strategy. It is very effective especially for businesses that are running on a very low budget. 

Most prominent content marketing strategies are blogging, vlogging and podcasts. 

You can blog for yourself or ask other bloggers in the industry to write content that is going to promote courses online.

Create content like reviews, how to guides, tutorials, industry news, info graphics, case studies etc. People are going to buy your courses if they like reading your content. 

You can also create video content and upload it on YouTube. 

Create as much creative content as you can. 

Leverage the Power of Social Media and Influencers 

Create an elaborate social media profile on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok etc.

On these platforms you will write small posts 100 – 200 words long about your course and include a link back to your landing page. Update your profile on regular basis. 

You create content depending upon the social media platform you are using. Facebook content is going to be different than TikTok. Hence leverage a platform accordingly.  

Social media influencers like Instgram or TikTok have more authentic relationship with their followers. 

They enjoy the trust of their audience and can convince them to sell courses. 

Learn more how to boost your sales online by partnering with these influencers and offering them some monetary benefits. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most targeted affiliate marketing strategies. Email marketing is basically selling upfront.  Although it is not free as content marketing but conversion rate is very high. 

1 out of 5 emails that have been sent will convert and become your customer. If the quality of your email listing is high and accurate then conversion rate could go even higher.

However to collect people’s name and email you have to buy an auto responder software. Whenever a visitor comes to your site he/she has to give his/her name and email address. 

Tell people to subscribe your email newsletter and in return ask them to provide their email address.    

Paid Advertisements – Google ads and Facebook ads 

Paid advertisements are one of the fastest ways to drive sales. You can sell hundreds of sales copy overnight. 

However paid advertisement is too expensive and meant for experienced affiliates with high budget only. 

Google Ads and Facebook ads are two most prominent advertising networks. In Google Ads, you create ads that will show up on Google search results. Keywords selection is very important to sell your online course. 

You have to bid for ads and pay Google for each click. Set your daily budget and get started with Google ads. 

Facebook ads are created on the basis of demographics, interests, behaviors and affiliations.    

I am reiterating paid advertisement like Google ads is not for beginners. 

Speak at Webinars, Seminars, Meet Up Groups

Speak about your course online as well as offline. Host a live webinar with people who are interested in your course. You can also share some of your content for free. 

This will help you to introduce your course and also build trust with your customers.   

You can also host a webinar with a joint venture partner. You can partner with content creators who are more than willing to sell your course. 

Moreover you can speak at local seminars and meet up groups. You have to find local events related to your topic and contact people who are interested in attending the event. 

After your presentation is over you can pitch your course and persuade audience to buy. 

Drive Sales through Coupons and Deals 

Today Ecommerce is the 900 lbs Gorilla in the room (or the internet). If businesses want to boost their sales number then they can leverage coupons and deals. 

Coupon and deal websites allow businesses to attract more customers by offering them a discount. 

Websites like or Groupon, you can use to drive huge traffic to your business and increase sales. 

I would recommend you to first experiment with few coupon sites. Learn more about your visitors and find out their authenticity.  If it doesn’t work then abandon this strategy.    


You have learnt 8 proven affiliate marketing strategies for increasing online course sales. Now you can implement these strategies in your marketing campaigns and get the desired results. 

Implementing each of them and then experimenting is going to take some time. Figure out which one is the best for you and start with it. 

Later you can implement all of the strategies one by one.