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Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore This 2021

Times and quickly changing digital marketing trends and leading digital strategies evolve as more and more companies and new technologies are being introduced to the internet. 

2021 is no different. Marketing conventions are moving quickly from one trend to another. Now, more than ever, consumer behavior has become impossible to predict. 

That’s why, if you wanted to keep up with the latest trends and adapt to the ever-competitive world of the internet, you need to adapt to its evolving changes in digital marketing quickly. 

Here are the seven digital marketing trends that you can’t miss this year:

1. Live Streaming

Because of the pandemic, many people are forced to stay inside their homes, most of them unable to attend in-person events. Some are not even allowed to socialize with their own family. 

This caused many people to turn to live streams- whether it’s a live video from their favorite influencer, an online workshop, or a live stream made by brands. 

In fact, during lockdown periods, live viewings on Facebook and Instagram surged to 50% and 70%, respectively. Human-driven content such as live streams helps create trust and tapping into that in the moment connection that many users are craving. 

2. Rank Zero

For so long, the goal of SEO is to get your listing on Google’s “number one spot.” 

This 2021, the goal is to shift your SEO visibility to position zero. Position zero is known as the “featured snippet” of Google. This featured snippet works quite differently from other entries on search results. For instance, it’s found on a small box and located on top. 

It also showcases extra and relevant information that attempts to answer the user’s question without clicking on it. Thus, the nickname “no click search.”

If you’re planning to target a position zero, there are some essential things that you ought to know. For starters, these are mostly for long-term phrases such as questions (like how to create a website.)

All of these come in various forms- from step-by-step lists, definitions to videos even. Therefore, you should match your content with the appropriate format. 

When it comes to the content, ensure that you’re answering keyboard questions precisely and succinctly, like a table structure or bulleted lists. Check out the best digital marketing tools here.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated the world of digital marketing, and it’s just getting started. 

It helps analyze search patterns, shopping behaviors. It uses all of this information from various shopping platforms and blogs to help brands and companies understand better how users tend to discover their services or products.

AI is executed in areas like:

  • Production of content
  • Product recommendation
  • Email personalization
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Fundamental communication

Apart from that, AI also offers excellent customer service using human inputs and sensors to gather information about a particular situation. It also stores data to improve experiences in the future. 

4. Social Media Customer Retention

During the pandemic, marketers have made customer retention a main priority and will continue this year. 

This shift offers marketers new opportunities to broaden their reach to new audiences and even re-engage their long-time customers. 

For just a couple of dollars every month, a great social media marketer lets you develop a content plan, curate posts regularly, monitor and drive your customers’ responses, and attract more people to your business. 

If you have been putting off your social media efforts for a while now, now is the right time to add it to your marketing mix. 

6. UGC for Customer Experience

Customers love enjoyable experiences from a brand that’s simple and memorable at the same time. 

They want some proof before they make a purchase and re-assured at the same time. User-generated content usually ticks all these boxes when it comes to creating highly engaging content:

  • It builds and strengthens communities.
  • It’s uplifting and relatable at the same time. 
  • It allows brands to meet prospects or where they’re usually hanging out.
  • It lets brands to come up with tons of content. 

Without a doubt, UGC is highly influential for brands in forging more profound and meaningful relationships with their customers and providing social proof at the same time. 

7. Visual SEO

You probably know that you can search for images and videos when typing keywords. But are you aware that you can also submit your existing images to search? Or take original photos and look for context?

As more and more people discover various visual search techniques, this has changed the whole SEO landscape in general. 

If you want to increase the number of visual searches, then see to it that your video and image SEO campaigns are in top shape. Here are some basics:

  • Place images on your sitemap or come up with a dedicated image sitemap.
  • Place the target SEO keywords in your image’s file name.
  • Use high-quality videos and images, which include HD. 
  • Always place alt texts in the description of your images. 

Over to You

So there you have it. These key trends we’ve mentioned in this article will help you boost your site traffic, generate more leads, grow your revenues, and maintain your hard-earned customer base.