Tools And Ideas To Integrate Email Marketing With Social Media

If you want to integrate your social media channels with email marketing then there are lots of tools and software, ways and techniques that you should follow to help you in the process. Whether it is a small business or a nonprofit, integration of email and Instagram should be done in the best and perfect way so that you gain the maximum benefits from the two platforms.

One of the easy tools that will help you in the integration process is a social media button. If you add this to your emails you will allow your readers to:

  • Know where exactly they can find you on any and every social media network and
  • Click on it to see your social profiles as well.

To add a social button to your emails you can go to the “Edit” mode and click the “Social” tab on the left side of the screen. Choose your network and the type of button you want to use but make sure that you add a link to your web page in the link box. Click on the ‘insert’ button to do so.

Ideally, experts like Gramista will suggest you add unique Facebook URLs. This will ensure that the visitors are directly taken to your page when they click on the URL.

Social media integration ideas to follow 

Apart from inserting a social button to your emails, there are also a few other proven ways in which you can share campaigns across all your social networks more easily and effectively. These ideas will help you to promote your emails and newsletters incredibly.

Ideally, most marketers think about a Facebook and Twitter tie-in with their email marketing campaigns due to the features that these tools come up with that will make your emails more productive.

A good idea to follow and tool to use for a better Instagram and email integration is using specific social media email templates that comes in HTML format and are customizable. This will help you to:

  • Promote your campaign through social media
  • Invite more subscribers
  • Ask them to follow you on their chosen social networks
  • Run a contest of your choice and even promote them on different channels.

This will boost up your online presence and at the same time, it will engage the email subscribers in real-time.

You may also add a newsletter signup form to your social page easily to allow your prospects to join your contact list. This will expand your connections.

Making the best of digital marketing

In this modern world of business, digital marketing is everything and will help you to achieve your goals through the different features and web tools. These will help you to create a better online strategy as well as a coherent message across all social media channels. You will be able to make a website strategy that will align with your email marketing strategy thereby doubling your chances of success.

  • It is for this reason that you will see most of the brands create stunning social media pages by some of the best designers as well as responsive website design to diversify their efforts and attract more email subscribers in their list.
  • This also ensures a higher level of engagement, which typically is very rare on social media.

When you hire one of the best digital marketing agencies they will consider and run all possible online presence operations and integrate the existing strategies with a more comprehensible content funnel, which is not an easy task, mind you.

In short, it is the expertise of the digital marketing companies that will ensure that you deliver shareability and not simply emails to the inboxes of your customers.

Subscribe to marketing blogs and software

You will be able to make your email and Instagram marketing combination much more effective and useful when you subscribe to different marketing blogs and software. Yes, you will get different free versions of it as well but typically these will have limited features that may not provide you with the results that you really desire.

  • The best tools and software will enable you to bring in all your marketing tools, team members as well as the customer data together in one single dashboard. This will ensure better operation and performance making your social media efforts and campaigns more meaningful and high yielding.
  • These tools, in addition to that, will also be committed to your privacy and that of the data and information of your customers. These will help you to design more relevant and coherent contents, products, and services.

The most significant thing about these tools is that these will do everything for you to increase traffic to your site, enhance the convert leads, and provide the best ROI. All these will be well supported by a team of professionals that will help you as well as your business to grow.

Making the best of email marketing

Since all consumers are busy you will need to make sure that you do not annoy them with bulk emails that are of the least interest to them. You will also need to make sure that:

  • The emails are customized according to their liking and needs
  • They are sent at the right moment to ensure a high open-rate and
  • It fosters brand loyalty.

With intuitive features and deeper insights, the tools will help you to create better emails that will provide more engaging experiences fo0r the users always and every time. The custom template builders will create emails instantly that are intuitive and informative as well as appealing with forms, images and videos.

You will be able to create a more responsive layout that will need very little or no coding at all to make each email a personalized message. You will be able to use the details and preferences of each customer into account while creating your emails and make it more familiar to the users.

Therefore, make sure that you use the best tools as well as the CRM systems to make the best use of the real-time data.

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.