Things to know before designing a website

Things to know before designing a website

In today’s era, a business without a website and online marketing are equivalent to just burning cash for nothing. Therefore, developing a website is essential and determines your existence in a market full of competitors. So if you are going to create your website, some crucial facts are mandatory for you to know. If you are clueless about developing one, let’s dig into the things to know before designing a website.

What’s the main focus?

Prior to setting up or designing any website, the first thing to keep in mind is its main focus. Meaning, websites can be created or developed for several purposes. Nowadays, websites are the primary sources of everything. So it is a vast field to hop in. 

You need to fix what your main goal is. Is it only to convey information or to sell products? Or simply establish a brand? Whatever you are planning, make sure you adhere to that and make the designs accordingly.

You can build it yourself or with the help of professionals as well. And if you are curious about the cost of designing, check out the web design Sydney prices.

Brand name

Another point to be noted here is the online brand name. If you are establishing yourself as a brand, people might want to know more about you. And this popularity comes with the name of the brand. 

So make sure you use a proper domain name. Some people like to use their business name, and some others use a featured name. Ensure you use something engaging. 

Sometimes you might face a problem regarding the domain name because it might be taken already. Oh, don’t give up! Try to find another name. So this is basically your brainstorm moment. However, the brainstorm result might also be taken! Keep thinking till you arrive at a name that suits you.


A website is technically fruitless unless it adds the feature of jumping from one page to other pages. Your audience’s smooth experience will be the crucial hack to achieve more and more traffic. So, do not forget to create a proper menu section on your website where people can quickly move according to their wishes. 

Also, make sure you increase the usability of the website. Add sections for contacting you, buying products, signing up, email, and all others. People will only be attracted to your website if you can wisely use navigation. So, execute it with proper planning.

Ask any expert or refer to a guide on best web design practices and you will notice how functionality is an issue that is stressed upon. At the end of the day, a website is intended to serve a purpose. This is why design and development need to ensure that the usability quotient as reflected in the UI and UX development is taken care of. 


Now, what’s more important is the content of your website. Try to focus on the website’s primary focus and formulate the content accordingly. They play an essential role in getting more traffic because you showcase them on the website. 

Pay attention to your content writers. Content does comprise videos, texts, and images. Knowing your website’s niche will help you determine what type of content you need, how long or broad the page will be, or what colors are supposed to be used. Make sure you know these things well.

Pro tip: Try to look at your competitors when you can’t get a hand on the designs. Make sure you consult with copywriters about the types of content. They can help you with it in the best way.

Color combo

Did you know that visual features attract viewers the most? If you use a creative visual feature in general and creative color schemes in particular, there is a fair chance for you to get more traffic. Your brand might have already established a color combination. Try to put it artistically in the pages. You can try some new colors as well. Whatever you do, make sure that it looks visually attractive.

Call to action

By the time you come to this specific point, you might have already fixed the purpose of building a website. Now ask yourself a question, do you have a considerable call to action rate? 

in case you do not know what call to action is, here is a brief explanation:

A call to action is actually engaging the audience with your website by compelling them to do some kind of activity or interaction. These interactions include contacting you via phone or email, login, signup, download, and so on.

Now, if you see your call to action rate is above 50% of the total visitor, you are in good shape. But if it is 10% or less than that, start including features for the audience to practice the call to action.

Security and update

There was a prehistoric time when people used to make a website and never touch it again. In case you plan on doing something like that, congratulations! You have successfully splashed cold water on every plan!

Modern times and modern people require modern technology, which includes periodical updates. Ensure you update your site every now and then. Another crucial factor to consider is security. Be determined to protect your audience and their personal information.

Final thoughts

We hope you have found the answers to the questions that can come while developing a website. With the help of proper instructions and, in some cases, professionals, you will drive traffic in a high ratio. Good luck!