Small Things That Have a Big Impact on Your Website's Credibility

7 Small Things That Have a Big Impact on Your Website’s Credibility

The digital age has proven to be helpful in plenty of ways. Websites are now a huge thing. 

Research has become possible with just a click. The same thing goes for shopping and connecting with your loved ones.

But this advancement comes with the question, “Is this website trustworthy?”

For online users, it is essential to have that sense of security when browsing a website, especially for e-commerce sites. Customers provide information about themselves. These are data that could leave them vulnerable to hackers if not stored and appropriately protected.

But do not fret. You do not have to act big. We got seven tips for you on how to create an impact on your website’s credibility.

Custom Domain

Having a custom domain makes your website look more professional and credible. Aside from the fact that it gives you a unique identity, it’s easier for your customers to remember your domain.

The longer the site address is, the more tedious it is for customers to type it correctly.

If you’re worried about cost, some packages offer custom domains for as low as $2. If you want people to perceive your website as trustworthy and legit, having a custom domain is an investment worth taking.

Website Design

A website design isn’t only limited to making your page look good and friendly to the eyes. It’s also one way of showing your identity as a brand to the consumers.

If your website is all crazy and unorganized, what do you think your customers will feel upon opening your link? A study by the University of Melbourne says that shoppers perceive visually attractive websites as trustworthy.

There’s no harm in giving your website the appropriate look it deserves. It’s like showing up in a meeting with a potential client while wearing your best outfit. Whether you like it or not, customers often judge websites based on appearance.

Contact Information

Displaying your contact information on a website will give your customers a sense of security. That’s because they know that they can contact you quickly.

A physical address, phone number, and email address are three basic details that can help you create a significant impact when impressing your customers.

Now, putting your contact information out there is just the first step. Make sure to follow through with your objective to give credible service to your customers. Being responsive to inquiries and messages will likely gain you more loyal followers.

Trust Seals

A badge to prove the website’s authenticity is one element that you would want to chase after. It’s a medal of honor worthy of displaying on the front page of a website.

But the question is, which trust badges are the most useful? According to Econsultancy, the best seals are the ones your customers are already familiar with. These are the likes of PayPal, McAfee, and Verisign, to name a few.

Reviews and Testimonials

Customer testimonials and reviews can be helpful when trying to gain the trust of your consumers. It gives your website visitors a good sense of how you provide customer service and how your products fare in the market.

One of the best actions that you can complete for your website is to create social proof. It’s an effective form of marketing that can help boost your popularity among potential customers and retain your loyal group.

By displaying product reviews, you give new visitors a chance to get to know your brand even before purchasing an item or two.

Case Studies

Case studies and testimonials may share the same objective of attracting potential customers to your site. Yet, they differ in so many aspects.

For one, testimonials are based on a customer’s words. Meanwhile, a case study showcases both sides of the project based on the behavior of the consumers.

It gives a more in-depth discussion on how you tackled a specific consumer experience and what you’ve learned from it. It’s an essential aspect of a website because it creates a more credible reputation for your brand.


Awards aren’t only limited to winning a title. You can also include nominations and citations. 

When customers see that different entities have recognized you, it gives them the notion that your business is dependable.

However, recognition isn’t something you do randomly. You have to be true to your promise and give your website visitors the service that they deserve. You must take care of your reputation if you want that award.

Over to You

When small things add up, you will be surprised how big of an impact they can have on your website.

Nonetheless, you should not overthink. It is in the small details that can make you stand out among many other websites.

Remember to stick to your goal of becoming a trustworthy site. Doing so can make customers want to visit you over and over.