How to do Instagram marketing? 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business. Click here to get the guide to Instagram marketing.

The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing


Social media platforms are an integral part of our lives now. Well, Instagram is a popular social media platform with huge users. In 2022, the new Instagram engagement data revealed that about 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business. 

You may be amazed after knowing that there are more than 1 billion people active per day on Instagram. In addition, more than 83% of Instagram users have found new services or products on the platform for business purposes

It is clear that Instagram is not just for personal use anymore; it has an efficient business purpose. Now, in this digital era, it is a platform where brands can showcase their product, hire new talent, and inspire their audience. 

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram is a social media platform where people can share content such as videos and images. But, when Instagram is used for business purposes, that is called Instagram marketing. 

However, a recent report proved that people used Instagram for marketing their products and branding their businesses. 

Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing

Those who want to do Instagram marketing must focus on increasing their followers. It will help them to spread their content or business among many people. 

In this case, igmods can help you to enhance your followers, and Instagram likes. It is a well-designed application that offers to develop your follower number on Instagram.  

Look below to learn Instagram marketing. So, keep on reading. 

Use a business account

For marketing or business, you have to convert your personal account to a business account. Don’t skip this step to do Instagram marketing. A business account provides some features that you can’t have in a personal account. You may have the features: 

  • Instagram ads
  • Instagram Insights
  • Instagram shopping
  • CTA (call to action button) on profile
  • Primary and secondary chat  inboxes
  • Instagram Insights

How to switch your business account?

  • Enter your profile and tap the hamburger icon at the top right. 
  • Click setting.
  • Tap the account option.
  • Tap switch to a professional account.
  • Click business and follow the prompts. 

Produce Intriguing Visual content

Instagram is a visual content platform. People come here to see the visual content. Therefore, you should share visual content such as images, stories, reels, UGC, live videos, and IGTV. 

Make sure that your post simply looks attractive and graceful. You don’t need to take help from a professional photographer, but your photos or video content should be sharp and well composed. 

If you use images instead of photos, for example, GIFs, infographics, and animations. Ensure that they’re easy to read, crisp, and eye-catching. 

The most important fact is that your photos or images must be compelling. Great images are nice, but if they don’t excite users to take the next step or action, they are not going to engage users with your business. 

Make Excellent captions

Captions are on the front side of the store. In the traditional store, you may know that shop owners showcase their products outside the store. People get interested in entering the shop. 

Instagram marketing is the same. Captions need to be crisp and eye-catching, leading a user to click the link or view the product details. 

Yet, we all know that Instagram is a visual platform, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect the captions. However, a successful Instagram marketer uses captions wisely and in short. 

You need to fit all the catchy information with the two lines.

Don’t overuse hashtags#

Hashtags are one of the significant parts of Instagram. People are using hashtags to increase their visibility. Well, keep in mind that you can use 30 hashtags realistically in an Instagram post. 

We recommend five to nine hashtags posts. More than that, it looks like you are stuffing hashtags on your posts. So, before using hashtags#, make sure that it is relevant to your post. 

Instagram Stories

Today, Instagram stories are the most trendy feature that people follow and use on Instagram. 

People like to watch Instagram reels.  The interesting fact is Instagram reels can disappear after 24 hrs. The followers expect to see more real and short videos. You can make reels through Instagram reels maker to generate followers.

Users Engagement

The most crucial part is to engage with your followers. If you think that quality content and images can increase your Instagram marketing, you must change this concept. 

Reply to users’ comments and interact with them, sharing CTA posts to get feedback – these are some easy ways to engage your customers. Try to create an extended family in your Instagram business account. 

Improve your profile

With 150 characters, your Instagram bio can attract users and inspire people to get in touch with you. 

However, you should take 150 characters seriously and use those words to tell people why they should follow your Instagram account. 

Your name, your user’s name, your website, category, contact info, and call to action buttons should be used properly to showcase what your brand is all about. 

Wrapping It UP

Instagram is a social networking site that is not only used for personal but also for business. However, 53% of users are under the 18 to 29 age group of total users. Gender wise female users are higher than male users. Recent studies show that 29% of females use Instagram. 

Therefore, you may understand to run your Instagram marketing successfully, make sure your business is relevant to youngsters. 

Hopefully, this article has been able to help you out. If you want to know more, you can ask by commenting below. Or, you can visit our website to learn about social media marketing, digital marketing, and more. 

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