The Importance of Explainer Videos for Increasing Sales

So, you’re starting a business now? Great!

New business owners must have that feeling: proud and excited to see how their ‘child’ finally embarks on a competition journey. It was until they experienced declining sales.

The thing about sales is it fluctuates over time. There is nothing weird about that, but when your conversion rate is slowing down, there is obviously something wrong.

The moment you see the dropping number, you need to take action to ensure your new business stays afloat. However, there are some reasons why customers tend to choose other products or services aside from your brands.

Your business may experience defect products, it can happen but that’s rare. A product must have been screened before it releases, thus, this is not the main reason for your declining sales.  

The common cause would be a bad marketing campaign. 

Your campaign could be not interesting enough to catch your audience’s attention, it is also not informative enough for customers to understand the values you have, so it cannot well persuade them to purchase your products.

In conclusion: your previous campaign has led you to the blind alley.

It is your time to consider a new marketing strategy to increase your sales back to the sky. An explainer video will help you achieve your target to cover up what the previous campaign doesn’t – under 2 minutes.

What Is An Explainer Video?

According to expert roundup, explainer videos are highly-engaging pieces of content that helps business owners increase conversion rates significantly. It is a type of video marketing that crafts stories using animation to deliver brands’ messages entertainingly. Explainer videos can be in the form of cartoon animation, live-action, motion graphics, and whiteboard animation.

So, now that you understand what explainer videos are, let’s take a look at the importance of it for your business!

Great Way to Explain Who We Are

Unlike the old print marketing strategy like brochure, flyers, postcards, etc– 90-second video is a great way to introduce your business to a broader audience. It conveys information in a short, simple, and concise way, making the message much easier to understand.

Explainer video uses this combination of custom animation, exciting sounds, and powerful storytelling to wrap up your brands’ value. It is eye-catching and makes the information surely easy to digest. 

Give Customers a Sneak Peak of Products/ Services

One of the reasons why people feel adamant to purchase something is they don’t have enough information about the product. For instance, if your promotion lacks the product features and how it benefits the users — the next thing you know is that nobody wants it. 

You can put the word out whatever you want to deliver in one explainer video. And it is your biggest chance to showcase your products or services in a unique way.

Influence Customers to Make First Purchase

Another great thing about explainer videos is that it can effectively influence your audiences to make their first purchase.

You can publish your video on your site, YouTube, social media, and other platforms to reach wider audiences.

It begins with the fact that most people prefer watching videos to reading articles. Using an explainer video is the first win. The unique storytelling and fun animation inside it is another chance to win the heart of your audiences. 

With the intriguing call-to-action (CTA) attached to the explainer videos, people will be most likely convinced to do the next step. And that is purchasing your product.

Closing Thoughts  


You now find out another winning marketing strategy to help your business increase sales. Explainer videos are a simple and powerful tool to gain more conversion rates in no time. 

Previous problems such as lack of product information, dull promotion material, and the not-so-convincing CTA can be hindering your sales. 

However, one single explainer video provides all these things without making it boring. It helps you promote in the right way with its unique features. Therefore, it’s always better to tap into the explainer video bandwagon and update your old marketing campaigns as soon as possible.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Twitter: @breadnbeyond