11 Steps to Developing a Killer Communication Strategy

11 Steps to Developing a Killer Communication Strategy

The success of your business depends significantly on your communication and marketing strategy. It substantially affects lead generation, lead conversion rates, and your overall branding. 

But how does one achieve that? 

It’s through creating and executing an effective communication strategy. A communication plan lays out in detail the message, goal, and approach of a business’ communication techniques. 

Here are 12 steps to developing a killer communication strategy for your business. Let’s get started!

1) Set clear objectives.

It all starts by clearly setting goals for your business. Your objectives should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely to foster the success of your efforts. You can also use a time blocking app to get a tangible result. 

Determining your marketing plan in advance is crucial since it provides a yardstick against measuring upcoming progress. Moreover, you can outline the strategy for accomplishing your goals in even more depth by identifying clear, unambiguous goals.

2) Carry out research

Any content or communication plan needs research as its cornerstone. Market research tools help to know what works and what does not. Examine the content your competitors are putting out, and figure out how to fill the gaps they have left. 

It will support you to stand out from others and identify customer expectations. It is vital to ensure you are on the right course while strategizing. Therefore, you must conduct an in-depth study on each action. You should also have a knowledge management for your organization that will help to know your services/products in a better way.

3) Know your target audience

You cannot achieve your desired result when you don’t know whom to communicate with. Therefore, recognizing the target audience is the secret to a successful communication framework. 

The target audience may be defined through age, race, income, geography or personality, values, interests, and many more characteristics. It helps you to create the right messaging for your brand and generate more leads in less time.

You should use social media translations to increase the efficacy and engagement with their communication Strategy. The use of strategies such as search engine optimization, link partnership and content management centred on multilingual social media translations has become critical for brands to capitalise on the opportunity of reaching out to customers in their comfort zone to interact and engage with them, thereby amplifying their online presence and impact.


4) Remain Topical

Relevancy is key to the success of your communication plan. It’s crucial to produce content that connects to a large group of audiences, but if they don’t appeal to their interests, your communication efforts won’t be effective. 

Create content that is both engaging and pertinent. This type of marketing helps garner more coverage for a business. It makes people interested in your brand and helps to attain perfect virtual marketing results. Start automating the procedures of data organisation and catalogue access right away if you haven’t already, and you’ll soon climb the ranks to excellence. If you have yet to realise how promoting product information inside your business benefits the consumer greatly.

5) Choose the suitable channels

When creating your communication plan, it’s crucial to understand the several channels through which you might distribute your content. A successful content marketing strategy depends on selecting the right distribution channel. 

Your content must be available where your viewers are for it to be seen by them. It can be different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. or other online channels like websites. Various content marketing tools help you with content distribution across different platforms.


6) Focus on visuals

Communication is not always through text. Sometimes visuals can speak more than words. They possess the ability to draw in and keep your audience’s attention. It is a good idea to use images or graphics to enhance your content to attract audiences and hold their interest. 

Video editors can help you create amazing visuals for your brand. Additionally, visuals such as images, gifs, infographics, and training videos make an excellent first impression and raise the wow factor of your business, increasing the likelihood of social listening. 

7) Keep experimenting with different formats.

After you are aware of your target market and the most effective distribution channels, choosing the type of content you want to produce is essential. And when it comes to content marketing, the possibilities are limitless. Take the time to analyze and discover what works for your brand and create a strategy accordingly. Various content formats include blogs, surveys, video presentations, emails, social media posts, etc. A follow-up email is another excellent way to notify people about your content who missed it the first time. A follow-up email serves as a reminder or prompt for a previous email. The most successful follow-up emails are short, sweet, professional, and to the point.

 In addition, you can also use a social media marketing agency to promote your expertise on various platforms.

8) Create shareable content

Produce content that people will want to share. To do this, pick a relevant style and theme for your target audience. Shares can be an excellent KPI to assess engagement. Because of this, it’s crucial to design your content such that it can be quickly shared on social media. 

For example, people are more likely to share short-form content like reels and videos than blogs. People are more likely to share your social media when they provide value to your audience’s knowledge and engage with them. 

If you are working remotely and creating content on a consistent basis, you should make sure you get ample amount of rest as remote workers are prone to loss of sleep. You should also avoid using mobile phones before going to sleep. 

9) Add call-to-actions

CTA marketing is one of the best tools with the highest investment return. A call to action (CTA) prompt instructs the user to perform a particular action. They are essential for directing readers and visitors to take the next step. 

With the right communication strategy, you can formulate a suitable call-to-action. It will help you expand your audience and increase the number of customers you convert. It may vary from platform to platform. Exit intent popups are an excellent tool for the call to action in the form of a pop-up.

10) Stay Consistent

You must remain consistent if you want your audience to recognize your brand. You may also expand your audience reach and employee engagement by being consistent with your brand. 

You can also utilize NPS software to gauge customer satisfaction with your service and adjust your approach accordingly. The Net Promoter Score is a valuable tool for measuring and monitoring the success of your independent business by gauging the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers. Choose topics and tone of your messaging that align with your purpose, vision, and values to help achieve the consistency necessary for an effective communication strategy.

Choose topics and the tone of your messaging that align with your purpose, vision, and values to help achieve the consistency necessary for an effective communication strategy. If you’re working in a startup, you can also refer to startup and marketing books that will help you to create consistent content to grow your brand. 

11) Track Your Results

Once everything is completed, you may sit back and measure the success of your strategies. Utilize the extracted insights to refine your plan and achieve expected customer requirements better. Then concentrate on creating the most impactful content. It would be best to keep an eye on how your content affects sales leads and how much money it makes using a free CRM. You can also learn more about lead generation and sales through a sales training course. By identifying the communication strategy’s strengths and shortcomings, you can find improvement areas for the future. For businesses that need to send files and invoices  to their clients on a consistent basis can use an invoice generator for easy workflow. 



Communication is all about the right content and consistency. When you have a communication plan, you can concentrate on what matters to your business and focus on customer success

Don’t be scared to test out various strategies, such as blogger outreach strategies that aid in proactively engaging with industry influencers and publishers to attain a particular objective. You may practice whatever works best and get the best results for the brand. 

Author Bio:

Surrinder is a content writer at RankHandy. He has an experience of more than 8 years of writing for the marketing, HR, and business domain and aims to provide high-quality content.