The Best Tools That Content Writers Must Use

Whether you are a full-time content writer or a blogger running your website, chances are, you use specific tools to improve your writing. With the proper tools, you can produce a flawlessly written content.
There are hundreds upon hundreds of content writing tools software out there. Here’s another list.

It is impossible to know which tools not only save you time but also help you produce sparkling content. Here are the best tools that content writers must use from the beginning steps of writing such as brainstorming and outlining, up until checking word count and tracing plagiarism


As a content writer, you know that it is best to outline your ideas before even starting to write.
Having an outline takes out a whole lot of wasted hours in the writing process.
One of the best outlining software is Evernote.
Evernote has a free version that has all the basic features you need.
An outline format option is available and is perfect for planning your articles.
You can write down random ideas and categorize them in notebooks.
Compared to OneNote, it is easier to organize your notes with its tagging feature. It also has a reminder option so you can keep up with deadlines.
Evernote is a cloud-based software where you can install the application from your phone, write ideas, save pictures, and save useful links as you go.


Trello is another cloud-based free tool best used to organize your ideas.
This tool is like a modern-day visual board where you can put all of your ideas into categories and lists.
Compared to Evernote, Trello has customizable options such as colour-coding, deadlines, as well as assigning when it is used by a team.
What I like about Trello is its progress meter indicator. It is easier to know which task is in progress and which tasks are needed to work on. 


The Word Count Tool is an essential tool for writers who need to write articles or blog posts with a limited word count.
Before I found out about this tool, I was using the word count feature in MS Word. But MS Word only lets you count words, lines, and paragraphs.
With the Word Count Tool, you can count the number of sentences as well.
An even better feature of the Word Count Tool is you can plan descriptions for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts. The character limit for these social media networks is also specified for optimal engagement.
A bonus feature of the Word Count Tool that content writers must also use is the Mind Map Tool.
The Mind Map Tool can be used to organize your thoughts, take note of writing ideas, and even connect these ideas.
It has an easy to use interface customizable to your colour and style preference.
It can be downloaded either as an image or in a format that lets you upload the map again and resume with work whenever you need to.


We’ve all been there. It’s a common thing for writers to run out of ideas to write. Tools like Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator can help writers with this.
Although the suggestions from this tool tend to become repetitive and generalized over time. It might not necessarily give you the specific unique titles for a blog post. But it can push you to start brainstorming and get the creative juices flowing.


Another tool that you can use aside from Hubspot is SEOpressor to generate blog topic ideas. When searching for title ideas, you first need to identify whether your keyword is a product, a generic term, an event, etc. so the generator can give a more accurate suggestion.


The Headline Analyzer is one handy blog-friendly tool. It gives you a score for your title based on word count and length.
This tool tells you which words you need to tweak to get a higher score and if your headline is within the right length.
To to get a higher score, you need to reach a specific score for common and uncommon words, as well as emotional and strong word choices.


Writer’s block is one thing, distractions while writing is another.
The Calmly Writer tool is a blank page. As simple as this tool can get, it removes all distractions unlike other writing software with so many options you can click.
With the Calmly Writer tool, you can delay all the editing later and just focus on writing. 


Grammarly is every content writer’s tool. It has a free version where writers can check their word choice, remove unnecessary punctuation, and fix compound sentences, etc.
What is best about Grammarly is that it rates the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of your writing.
This way, your blog post is easier to read and is free of error.
Grammarly’s premium feature also rates the readability as well as give suggestions for vocabulary enhancement. 

The Premium version also checks for plagiarism and identifies the original sources the text was copied from.

Grammarly won’t replace a human editor and you probably shouldn’t follow all of its suggestions, still you’re likely to make corrections and improvements to your text that you wouldn’t have made otherwise. Many professional writers rely on it and consider it a useful tool. Learn more about this tool from this detailed review from SoftwareHow.


When comparing Hemingway against Grammarly, some writers prefer one over the other. But it’s best to use both tools alongside each other.
Grammarly detects word choice, compound sentences, among many other features. Hemingway detects wordy sentences and complex words combinations that Grammarly is not able to detect.
In other words, Hemingway helps simplify your writing so it is concise while Grammarly can help with grammatical errors.


There are many tools to use for a plagiarism-free content. Grammarly also has this feature in its premium version.
What makes the Unicheck tool better from Grammarly and other tools is that it can recognize different citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc. This is specifically a useful tool for academic writers using different style guides.


Xtensio is an excellent tool for writers who are looking to create beautiful living documents. It works like google docs where you can collaborate with your team in real-time. Users have the option to drag and drop Images, Videos and other interactive media. The tool is best for people who are looking to create business proposals and presentations.

Bonus Entry: MILANOTE

The vast majority of writing software is organized around the idea of a linear document. But for most people, writing isn’t linear. Writing is about gradually getting a jumble of ideas into shape. Milanote matches the way writers think 🙂  Milanote is also great for teams as you cna share boards with other members of your team.  They have a free plan that allows you to share unlimited boards, add 100 notes, images or links and upload 10 files.  Their premium plan is just $9.99 per month for unlimited everything.

So there you have it!
Writing has never been easier without the help of these tools and if in doubt you can always check out the best essay writing service reviews.
Make sure to use these tools to guide you in writing to have impressive and pristine content.