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Ten Social Media Marketing Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Having multiple sources of marketing is vital for the success of your company. One of the newest and most successful advertising avenues today is social media. These platforms allow you to get your message in front of thousands of viewers as well as lets you interact with them on a daily basis. Here are a few tips to make using this medium easier for you.

Find the Right Platform

When you do decide to use social media for your marketing purposes, open a page on each of them, and begin to post items to it. Invite others to like your page or follow your profile. You can also use hashtags to draw potential clients to you or hold contests to attract them to you. Study each platform to determine which one best meshes with your business’s lifestyle and share information on that one instead of trying to keep up with all of them.

Use the Correct Tools For Your Posts

To ensure that you post frequently, you can use an automated scheduling service to do this for you. You can set up your advertising for all platforms and determine the day and time you want it to go. If you would rather set them up at your own leisure as well as monitor what is happening on your pages or profiles, you can use sso providers for an easy and secure one click sign in method.

Post As Much As Possible

Frequent messages on your social media accounts will keep those that follow you engaged in what you have to say and attract new customers to you. Schedule a personal reminder for yourself to log onto your page or profile and post something. When you do this, also jot down an idea of what you want to share with those that visit the site. Make the verbiage that you write fun and interesting enough to keep them coming back for more.

Talk With Those Who Respond To You

When someone leaves a response to your post or sends you a direct message, respond to what they have to say as soon as you can. Interact with them as you would if they were standing in your physical business. This will entice them to visit you either online or come to your company to do their shopping. It may also answer a question that another visitor had but was reluctant to ask you.

Use the Right Equipment

Purchase a high-quality camera for the pictures and videos that you share. The messages that you promote on these sites should be clear, bright and colorful so that your customers want to learn more about your products. Take several photos so that you can choose the right one that works for your post. You should also film your videos a few times to get the right inflection of voice, correct lighting, and the best presentation. If a new camera is out of your budget, you can also use a newer cell phone with a large amount of pixels.

Share the Right Links

When you set up your page or profile on your social media platforms, be sure to add your address, phone number, website, hours, and any other information that is important for a customer to find you outside of the internet. Test any links that you insert into these sections to ensure that they open correctly and are easy to use. When you add an external website to any of your posts, check to make sure it directs to the right place as well.

Detail Your Products

Social media is the perfect place to display and talk about your products. When you do this, however, add as much detail as you can to describe what the customer can expect when they purchase it. This can include the quantity they will receive, the colors available, the flavors if applicable, and the price of the item. You can also provide a link for it to your website so they can learn more about it as well as similar products to it.

Work With Influencers

Research influencers and other experts in social media to see if there is someone who relates to the industry that you are in. Contact the individual that you find and ask what their rates are to profile your products and company. These people can reach a large market of potential clients that have yet to hear of your business. They can give a positive light to what you do. They can also direct customers to your website to learn more.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

When you post items on your page or profile on social media, avoid posting only advertising for your products. Spend most of your time developing content that will engage your customer and get them excited to shop with you. This can include contests for products or gift cards, asking them questions about what they are interested in, or providing fun videos about your company. If you do receive feedback from someone, talk with them about what they said and build a relationship with them. This might inspire them to stop in and see you face to face or to refer their family and friends to you.

Watch Your Results

Once you begin posting your products from your company’s page or profile, use the platform’s matrixes to evaluate how well you are reaching potential clients. You can also track how many people see what you share versus the number that react to it. Also, you can monitor how successful your online marketing is by asking customers who purchase from you how they heard of your company. Tally the responses they give you as in-depth as you can then adjust what you are doing on your social media. Using social media as an advertising tool gets your information in front of many new customers while allowing you to interact with them as if they were in your business. Having the right information, vibrant graphics, and the correct information for them to reach you can turn these platforms into a successful marketing tool for you.