Simple Methods of Boosting Your Content Quality for Better Conversions

All marketers know that even the best of marketing strategies backed by the most advanced marketing technology can come a cropper if the content quality is not very high and it is not optimized for conversions. According to, great content along with technical SEO is the core of an effective SEO strategy.

Even though marketers recognize this to be a universal truth, all too often, not enough distinction is made by content marketers between content that boosts conversions and that which merely fills up a webpage. It is because measuring the quality of content is difficult and often marketers assume that all relevant and well-written content is equal. However, this unwarranted self-satisfaction generally leads to marketing decisions that are suboptimal and suppress conversion rates. Some practical tips that will allow you to elevate your content so that it achieves better conversions:

Know Your Target Audience 

It goes without saying that unless you know what your audience wants, your marketing campaigns will never be successful. However, many marketers simply do not appreciate that different target audiences behave differently when the content is different. For example, if you were selling professional baking equipment and tools and have two primary audiences – professional bakers and baking enthusiasts, it can be very tempting to target the same content to both the audiences. However, it is very likely, that to keep both the audiences happy, your content would not be optimized for conversions from any of them and as a result, fail to convince either. This happens simply because each of them is looking to meet their unique interests, needs, and goals; even if they are interested in the same product and it follows, the content should be customized accordingly for effective conversions.

Take Advantage of Trends 

Riding a trend represents a wonderful opportunity for many more people to see your content. However, not every trend needs to be relevant to your audience so you should be careful. While commenting on current events is a very good way of boosting your social media profile, you can take it even further by integrating the trend in a post or even spoofing it. While you should not lose out on any opportunity to make yourself visible in any conversation, you should also take care not to get involved in controversies or one-sided debates that can be sensitive to certain target audiences and harm your reputation in the long run. Also, be very careful about taking an overtly moralistic attitude because most customers know that at the end of the day a business exists to make profits.

Make the Titles Catchy 

Very much like newspapers that resort to sensational story headings just to catch the attention of readers, you too need to pay attention to the titles of your posts so that your potential audience is compelled to read not only the title but also the rest of the post. Apart from being appealing and stimulating, the heading should also reflect the central theme of the article so that the CTR is boosted, according to The importance of a good title cannot be overemphasized as the entire purpose of posting the article would be lost of the audience does not read it. A title that would work well for boosting CTRs should ideally inform the reader without giving away the details – a little teasing helps a lot though you should resist constructing it in such a way that it is construed as click-bait. Wherever possible, try to use statistics and numbers to lend more credibility.

Do Not Keep on Pushing Your Products 

It is wise to remember that your target audience is looking for value when they read your content. The value can be represented by additional insights, more in-depth information, or even plain and simple entertainment. The audience does not want to be disturbed wither by advertisements of content that keeps on pushing them to buy products and services. When you do insert product mentions and links, make sure that they are well infused with the content and do not disrupt the flow of the content or become intrusive. When you need to use affiliate links, make sure there are not too many of them and they occur in very natural places in the content.

Make Your Content Purposeful and Value-Added 

All of us have encountered articles and web content that have been written with the express intent of filling up pages and serving as a vehicle for keywords. Visitors can immediately figure out that there is no information of any value in the content and the sole purpose of the page is to generate search engine traffic. It is quite obvious that this is not the type of content any serious marketer would want associated with the brand. To prevent visitors from abandoning your page, it is important that the content they encounter should be informative and purposeful and avoids distractions or fluff that does not add to the understanding of the subject by the audience. It is also very important to strike the right balance between the need to provide adequate information and delivering it concisely. The inclusion of data has a greater impact than just words because there is no denying that quantifiable data has the effect of making content far more credible. According to studies, articles with numbers in their titles are more likely to be shared. Also, data enables the audience to understand the current trends and use them to get an idea of what is likely to happen in the future. Most importantly, perhaps, data serves to provide social proof of what is happening in any sector or industry.


Marketers need to stop and think about what they are trying to achieve rather than simply churn out content by the bucket loads mindlessly. Content management should be done strategically given that its vital purpose is to get superior search engine rankings, attract the attention of visitors, compel them to read and add value to their understanding of a subject. Good-quality content serves to give you credibility and authority like nothing else thus boosting the chances of conversions greatly.