Seeking an Explainer Video for your Business Venture? Read this

Are you looking for a way to explain your business venture in a concise, understandable manner? Have you been searching the internet for hours on end and still can’t find what you’re looking for? If so, this article is perfect for you. In it, we cover everything from why an explainer video is essential to how they work and what kind of benefits they offer.

Why Would You Want To Use An Explainer Video For Your Business?

Wondering why an explainer video would be a good idea for your business? Well, let’s take a look at the benefits of these videos:

  • Explainer videos are great for conveying complex information in short bursts and in simple language that anyone can understand.
  • Many people don’t have the patience to read long articles, but they will watch an animated or live-action video with captivating visuals instead. This makes it easy for them to grasp new concepts quickly without getting bogged down by complicated details.
  • Videos also allow prospective customers to see how your product or service works before making any commitment, so they know what they’re signing up for beforehand. Customers want reassurances because there are many ways they can be disappointed by companies.
  • Most importantly, videos are great for building a sense of trust with your audience, which will lead to increased conversions and more sales in the long run.


Would an explainer video work well for marketing your business? Yes! We’ve seen many benefits that make these videos popular among marketers today, including conveying complex information quickly, showing how your product or service works before committing any money, and increasing customer trust, which leads to higher conversion rates.

How Can Explainer Videos Help Grow Your Business?

An explainer video is a short and entertaining explanation of your company. It can be used to introduce new products or services, show how the product works in real life, promote an event that you are hosting, or demonstrate what your business does daily.

It helps potential customers understand more about who you are and what they will experience when they buy from you. A corporate explainer video has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 300%. They also help people remember information better because it’s presented in both audio + visual formats, which means that there is less room for misinterpretation.

The critical thing to note with this type of marketing tool is that it has always had two goals: Informing viewers (by showing what you do and why they should care) and entertaining them.

Why Are Explainer Videos Very Effective?

In a world of information overload, it is often hard to get people’s attention. This is where explainer videos come in handy as they can present your product or service in a way that the viewer can easily and quickly understand. They break down complex concepts into simple visuals and language so viewers can grasp the idea you want them to know about.

Explainer video production companies like  Animation Explainers will create an animated clip that explores your business concept with graphics illustrating processes, benefits, features, or other vital points from start to finish through voiceover narration for maximum impact on potential consumers who may find what you do intriguing. 

Many studies show these types of videos boost not only engagement but also generate more leads and can even have a positive effect on your search engine rankings.

“A full-motion video with voiceover is four times more likely to be watched than an image alone.” – CallidusCloud.

According to the study “Explainer Videos: The Next Big Thing,” these videos are not only engaging but also generate higher conversion rates for sales at 12% as opposed to just 0.36%. This means that if you’re looking for a way to promote or explain your work in a manner that will appeal across all platforms, then investing in this type of video could be the best move forward for you. 

In addition, explainer videos offer great results and increased engagement by maximizing attention spans and taking advantage of emotional triggers.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos are a great way to educate your customers about the benefits of your products or services. They’re also an excellent tool for getting new visitors hooked on what you have to offer.

Boost search engine rankings: It isn’t easy to rank well on Google without powerful backlinks from high-quality websites with authority in their field. An animated explainer video gives you another chance to rank higher when people find you through YouTube searches or other external links because there’s often no limit as to how often this one piece of content appears online, giving you more opportunities to show up in search results.

Great for SEO: Videos are often uploaded to YouTube and other video-sharing websites, which can drive traffic back to your site. When someone shares the video on Facebook or Twitter, you get even more chances of people landing on your website through organic searches as they watch your content online without ever having visited before. This leads to increased exposure for months or years with no extra effort from you!

Increased customer engagement: There’s something about animated videos that makes them infinitely more captivating than their static counterpart. Customers enjoy watching these types of explanatory marketing materials because it gives them a better feel for what they’re buying into right away since they don’t have time to scan over all the words being thrown at them.

Increased ROI: The more time your customers spend on your website, the higher chances they’ll make a purchase. Videos that are well created and offer great content will keep consumers coming back for more! When videos get shared over social media and people click through to watch them, this is an opportunity for you to sell them something else other than what was in the video – such as another product or service. You have to be sure there’s cross-promotion going on, so it doesn’t look like spamming someone with random ads all of sudden.

Better brand recognition: People love learning about new brands by watching videos and sharing their opinion with friends! It puts a personal touch on things when they can see how the company operates and what they’re about.

Increase sales: You’ll notice that you will start to trust the brand more after watching a video as it is now face-to-face with them! In turn, this should lead to increased conversions in your online store, which would be great for business. Who doesn’t want more customers?

Who Is A Good Candidate For This Type Of Service?

  • A business owner who is looking for a marketing tool that will increase their awareness and improve sales
  • An individual with expertise in the field of animation. They may be able to do it themselves, or they may want to hire someone else, such as an animator.
  • Someone who needs more information on how explainer videos work and what companies use them for

How Long Does It Take To Create An Explainer Video?

It can take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the video. The average length is between two and three minutes, including animation time.

Many factors go into determining how long it takes to create an explainer video for your business venture, such as:

  • The content you want in your video.
  • Who will be creating the animated footage (i.e., animator)
  • How much text you have included in the script
  • What type of software or hardware comes with packages offered by different companies; this affects turnaround time when rendering videos after being created.

Are Explainer Videos Worth It?

It’s important to consider whether you have a budget for video marketing and if an explainer video would be the best way to market your product or service. Explainer videos are typically between two and three minutes, including animation time.

The length of the video can affect its cost:

A one-minute animated explainer video with a voiceover is usually cheaper than longer ones because they tend to be more affordable for small businesses; however, the shorter versions may not have enough content or context if there’s a lot you want your viewers to know about your product/service. A 15-second teaser might work better in this case.

If you’re creating an entire marketing campaign around your explainer video (e.g., TV commercial), then it would take roughly five weeks from start to finish due to production schedules and whatnot. But don’t worry! You’ll need to give your videographer a timeline.

Final Words

As a digital entrepreneur, it’s vital to understand how the competition works and which marketing strategy works best for you. You can survey the competition and find inspiration towards a more effective marketing strategy that helps leverage your business through optimized content, increased engagements, healthy leads, and a higher conversion rate. Including an explainer video might be the best way to share your company’s story and demonstrate the value of what you offer.

Explainer videos are a great way to tell your brand’s story. What is it about? Who do you work with? How does it work? You can use an explainer video as part of a marketing campaign or on its own.