How Website Branding Can Increase Conversions

How Website Branding Can Increase Conversions

As a business, you must realize that most individuals that come across your website are not intending on making a purchase. They are most likely browsing your website looking for something that they may want to purchase in the future. You may get a couple of conversions on individuals who were not intending to purchase anything, but it is key that you convert all the individuals who do have an intent to purchase. These tips will help your website capitalize on those individuals and get those conversions.

Make Your Brand’s Personality Clear

Your brand will be made up of colors and a specific logo that is tailored to your business, but that does not make up your brand’s personality. It is a part of your brand’s personality and should be a highlight of your website, but you also want to note how your brand is different from competitors. What makes your brand unique, what is the goal of your brand and why does your brand matter?

Since you are not able to conduct a personal interaction with the customer to sell your brand, you will want to do so on your website. By establishing a strong identity/personality, you can attract more individuals. These individuals that relate to your brand’s personality and motives will result in more conversions on your website.

Consistency is Key

Consistent branding across your website is key to sustaining customers on your website. While you are working towards gaining conversions, the longer a customer stays on your website the more likely they will be to buy something. Obviously, you should keep your color scheme and personality type information consistent, but you should also keep the layout of the website consistent.

Making the layout of the website the same across all pages of the website will make it more convenient for those visiting your webpage. When a customer struggles to figure out the navigation of the website then they will be more likely to leave the page.

Ensure Quality

This seems quite simple, but it is extremely important. Making sure that your company’s website is always presented at the best quality will allow for more conversions. If the website is frequently down, or displays errors/incorrect information, then individuals will get frustrated with it and leave the website.

Think of it as a physical store. If you were to have things mislabeled in your store, and products in the wrong sections of your store, a customer will get frustrated and not enjoy their shopping experience.

Ease of Navigation

This tip relates to the consistency tip. It is similar, but there are key differences. Having consistent navigation tools throughout the website does create easier navigation. However, sometimes consistency does not always mean easy.

On your website, you should make it clear to the customer how to get to each individual page. If they were to go to a certain department of products or services, then you should present the same navigational tools as there were on the home screen. In terms of conversions, you should make it easy for the customer to access their online shopping cart and checkout. If it is difficult for them to check out, they may end up leaving the website altogether. Try to understand the mindset of your customer and why they prefer websites with easy navigation. 

Ease of Conversion

The ease of conversion relates to the ease of checking out when it comes time. Making the last step easy is vital in creating successful conversions. If you make it difficult for your customers to check out, then you are doing all the work and not reaping any of the benefits.

Some websites utilize free trials for various services, and then when that trial is up allowing those individuals to purchase a membership to continue enjoying the benefits of the trial. Converting free users to paid users is like the last step in online shopping. The customers have shown interest in the service, now you just need to make it easy for them to pay for the service and continue to enjoy it. OnboardFlow is a company that assists you in doing just that. They provide you with certain statistics that allow you to make sense of what free trials users are doing when it comes time to renew.


All these tips will help you in conversion rates, but it is important that you are providing enough information to your customers. If you follow all these tips but do not try to actually sell your product, you will struggle to make any conversions at all.