Promotion Plan for Personal Branding on Social Media

Promotion Plan for Personal Branding on Social Media

Every day, businesses are struggling to become visible and surpass their competitors. They are in a constant search of techniques and instruments to promote themselves. One of such tools is surely personal branding. Customers are willing to get familiar with the brand’s team, their story, vision, and regular life. This helps to create a trusting bond and significantly improves revenues.

And that’s exactly what we are going to discuss today!

If you are not willing to hire a personal promoter, just like you would do when asking an academic agency to help me write my paper, continue reading. We will share a few valuable tips.

Set clear goals

Learning how to brand yourself on social media should always start with setting clear goals. As a rule, the main goal is to attract new customers and motivate them to purchase your goods or order provided services. The content of your pages great depends on the goal. For example, companies want to see your business expertise, while individual customers – your personal traits and reviews of other clients.  As serial entrepreneur Deep Patel says you need to have a clear mission about what you want to achieve.

When the goal is defined, you need to make a list of the tasks that you are willing to solve with the help of personal branding. They may include:

  • Selling courses and webinars;
  • Attracting long-term customers and projects;
  • Promoting a website, etc.

At least 35% of your posts should solve the tasks you have written down, while the rest might cover distracting topics. This means that at least every third post should explain what services you provide and why you are good at it. Some may say that such ads are too aggressive, but they really work. If you are too shy, think about such posts as a simple way to inform the audience about the goods and services that you offer. 

Dedicate your time to social media 

It is impossible to imagine personal branding with social media presence. You should target the platforms with your key audience. This can be Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. To make the right choice, it is necessary to conduct quick research, analyze the popularity of posts in the chosen niche, communicate with SMSS specialists, and surf similar groups and pages. 

Once the platform is chosen, you should create an attractive profile. Start with a professional photo for the main icon and a thematic background picture with your logo or services. It should render a clear message to the target audience. In a matter of seconds, they should know how you can help.

Afterward, you should fill in the section with your work experience and education. Potential customers should understand your proficiencies. We recommend leaving active links to your website or another messenger for quick and convenient communication. 

Nowadays, social media accounts are like business cards that build an impression about your company. Most users research brands on social media before making an order, so your pages should always be interesting, professional, and useful. 

Create a content plan in advance

Branding yourself on social media is not easy and takes lots of time. But it is the right investment and can become a pleasant journey if you plan everything beforehand. You will be surprised to find out how many people struggle to understand what to write about and when to do it. If you doubt and are not sure whether someone would want to read you, get familiar with the list of possible posts. It will help you to have a clear plan and avoid writer’s block.

  • Successful completion of a challenging project. But make sure that the customer doesn’t mind being mentioned.
  • Professional challenges and the way you solve them. If you have found a great solution, share it with the audience, and they will surely appreciate your generosity.
  • Notes on the events, trends, and updates in your industry
  • Details of completing a project. You can share intermediate results, customer’s comments, and personal thoughts.
  • Expert opinion based on your background, skills, and proficiencies
  • Professional development. You should inform the readers about the training programs and courses you have completed. This will show that you are constantly improving and can provide services of great quality.

Modern social media platforms are equipped with timers, so you can even schedule posts in advance, and they will publish on a particular day and time even if you are away or don’t have enough energy to generate content.

The same look across all platforms

The last tip might not be the most obvious one, but it surely helps to take personal branding to a completely new level. It concerns your social profile and assumes that your name, images, and descriptions should be the same on all platforms.

More and more users look at several places for information to learn about a company. For example, Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. That is why it is so important to match them. Consistent profiles make you more visible and linger in the minds of customers for longer. Here are a few tips that will help you to become memorable:

  1. Reserve the name across all platforms

The best option is to have the same name on more than 20 popular websites and apps. To do so, you should turn to such services as Knowem and type in the desired name. If it is not taken, dedicate some time to starting accounts, even if you are not planning to use a certain platform in the nearest future. 

2. Remain consistent

The times when we used nicknames, mock words, and shortened names have long gone. The best way to present yourself is to use a standard first and last name. Stick to it, not depending on the niche, and you won’t go wrong.

3. The same photos 

To make a good impression on the audience and make your brand easy to remember, it is important to upload the same profile pictures across all platforms. There are even services that automatically chance your photo on linked websites once you change it. What a time saver! 


In the modern market, social media personal branding is one of the key elements of a successful and profitable business. Clients want to buy from the people they like and trust and not from faceless websites. If you want to succeed, personal branding should become a part of your routine. Hopefully, our tips above can help and give you the right direction.