On-Page SEO | A Perfectly Optimized Page

On-Page SEO | A Check List for Optimizing Your Pages

In today’s complex digital marketing climate, SEO comes in different shapes and sizes. There is Local SEO, Technical SEO, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and even specific tactics like Barnacle SEO.
Today, I am going to explain the differences between Technical, On Page and Off Page and provide you with a more thorough explanation about On Page SEO.
You can use this article to manage your SEO provider, spot check your SEO project plan and as a guide for optimizing each and every page on your site.
Technical SEO tasks aim to make it easy for search engine spiders to index your content and effectively crawl your site. These task items include setting up sitemaps, connecting your site to Google Search Console implemented Schema, to name a few.
Off Page SEO, is all of the tasks items completed on the web and not on your site. Think Guest Posting, answering questions on Quora and building links.
Ok, now let’s dive into On Page SEO, so you learn how to perfectly optimize your pages […]