Mobile Digital Marketing: Why It’s More Important Than Ever

Take a moment, step back, and just think about how many people are constantly on their phones (yourself included). Now, this is not a condemnation on our part, nor is it some kind of celebration. We are simply stating the facts. People use their smartphones costly, they are just too useful to convenient to let go off.

In fact, statistics have shown that two-thirds of people check their phone almost immediately after they wake up. Almost ninety per cent of people have their phones by their side at all times. And trust us when we say that marketers have noticed. People are purchasing things more often through their phones, they are browsing, searching, doing research. Below you can find our article which deals in some depth with the importance of digital marketing tied to mobile phone usage.

Mobile commerce and marking are like peas in a pod

Now, we all know that saying ux design is vital for marketing is not a controversial statement. After all, your company’s website needs to be usable and convenient for potential customers. However, you should do the same for the mobile phone version of your website if you want to get better conversions. Customers are using phones to buy stuff off of Amazon and eBay, for example, more and more. And now they expect the same from other stores. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to get things mobile friendly as soon as possible.

People are spending more and more time on their phones

Any mobile phone selling company, like Certified Tech Direct, for example, will tell you that business is booming. People are using their phones more and more with each passing day. This creates an opportunity for your business to thrive through mobile digital marketing. 

Think of it this way – you are faced with a new avenue, a new space that people frequent. Imagine a brand new street being set up right in the middle of a busy downtown area in your city. Then imagine that opening a store there is cheap. That is what mobile digital marketing is right now – a somewhat untapped market, an area where people spend a lot of time.

Mobile marketing reaches a wider audience

Things like faster websites, influence marketing, social media utilization, these are all vital for your marketing success. However, know that smartphones are a big part of all of this. They serve as communicational tools by a variety of demographics. Namely, nowadays everybody has a phone, including your grandparents. Smartphones are no longer centered on young people, they are owned by everybody. Light, cheap, small, portable, you have fantastic laptops right there at your fingers.

Furthermore, as technology is advancing, so too are smartphones. Manufacturers are developing faster, stronger, thinner mobile phones that can handle much more than they ever could before. This is all centred on consumer demand, on the increased search and need for mobile phones. Marketers can use their messages right then and there, they can put their offers right in the hands of their potential consumers.

Speed optimization

Now, this is all well and good, but you need to know how to optimize things properly if you want to make the most out mobile digital marketing. There are many ways you can do this, all centred fluidity, functionality, and user experience. 

First, you need to think about speed. Namely, the last thing you need is to have your website load for several minutes on people’s phones. Honestly, anything more than 2 seconds will get you into trouble. So, if you want to optimize this, here is what you have to do. First, lower the number and size of images found on any given page. Then, clean up your code, remove anything superfluous and useless. Finally, reduce and minimize redirects. These can really slow down your website, force it to reload constantly, and just make it a pain in the behind to use.

Mobile marketing design functions

Mobile design is much a science as it is an art form. This means that while there are some concrete, clear rules on how to set it up, there are also certain aspects that you simply need to experiment with. However, other aspects are a combination of both and are highly dependent on what your website is supposed to provide.

Now, as far as what you can do, we suggest you never use Flash, since many phones don’t even support it anymore. Next, no popups. You’re more likely to scare of a consumer, making him think your popup is a virus, then you are actually going to get a conversion. In other words; pop-ups equal high bounce rates.

Finally, remember the “finger”. In other words, people use their fingers to navigate their screens, meaning you need to adapt the website to suit it in this way. Your design, for lack of a better word, needs to be “finger friendly”. Just remember how annoying accidental taps are, and you’ll understand what we are saying.


Mobile marketing is more important than ever, and the date is clear on this. Whether you are working with your eCommerce store, trying to reach a broader market, or just be more efficient and convenient, you need to use mobile digital marketing. So, set up a good strategy, contact a good company, and work towards mobile optimization and placement as soon as possible.