Metaverse and the Next Big Leap in E-commerce Personalization

Metaverse and the Next Big Leap in E-commerce Personalization

The new shopping in the metaverse trend is bound to give you information about all the aspects before you understand them! Ecommerce also gives you a high speed and high level of convenience, while physical retail also gives you the personalization of the experience. Both of these, when combined, give rise to metaverse commerce. Several companies comprise Samsung, Gucci, Coca-Cola, Nike, and more. These brands have a lot in common, and they all get the early mover advantage in the metaverse space. We can say Metaverse is swiftly taking over E-commerce. Every digital marketing expert has eyes focused on this. Thus, every proficient Ecommerce SEO Agency has prepped itself up to help you with Metaverse marketing.

What does Metaverse bring to the table?

Think of anything better than getting the next day or same-day delivery. You may say the concept of D2C businesses gives you delivery in less than 10 minutes. But, you will need to consider a few things. Time is not good if customers go for a top-notch delivery concept to give the right product experience as they click on a purchase button. Therefore, you need not push very hard. Also, think of what you expect about things you will need to own shortly as you spend a lot of time in Metaverse.

This new channel helps you take care of various e-commerce practices which can transform the way we purchase online. This means that we are moving from “click and buy” to “experience and buy” practices that enable the customers to experience a product virtually before making a purchase decision. The metaverse definition has been popping up everywhere in the last couple of months. Now, you can get a glimpse of it:

Here are a few promises of Metaverse you need to consider. It is suitable for a company to give you the right shopper experience allowing you to spend your years to create your place in the new marketplace launches. It helps to go for top-performing CX designs, which are present in a large e-commerce scenario.

Businessmen need to focus on the commercial benefits of Metaverse. For this, you need to understand blockchain Web 3.0 NFTs. They are the foundation of Metaverse acting as metaverse foundation. You must consider several things to share a few metaverse-related blockchain applications. Go for new opportunities related to Metaverse Commerce to enjoy yourselves!

Customer Behaviour in the Metaverse

Gartner research also indicates that by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least a single hour every day in Metaverse for things such as:

  • Work
  • Shopping
  • Education
  • Social media

And entertainment.

Imagine a situation of working from home but with your AR glasses on if you’re in your company’s Metaverse office during a meeting with your colleagues. You might say that you will go far. In this case, you need to take care of other things.

Microsoft announced that it would launch its enterprise analogous to Metaverse in 2022. Users can access business tools such as MS Excel and PowerPoint. So, you need to be watchful of a metaverse in a business meeting at noon to later meet your old friend for your virtual coffee chat later on. You need to spend a great deal of your time in the Metaverse (your computer & iPhone) that gets replaced by iGlasses soon. You can also go for daily shopping to get a great experience followed by fully immersive gaming. It gives you a replica of your life. Make sure that you are realistic for building replicas of your physical world in your Metaverse. 

Always go for essential customer reactions which can modify the virtual world. Consider teh way how you can transform a highly disruptive site for the well-established Web2.0 e-commerce alongside retail giants, especially if you don’t adapt.

It is imperative to use critical data for retailers who seriously want to adopt Metaverse due to a Google survey, as it shows 66% of people want to use AR to use while shopping. Shopify also showed that interactions through products with 3D content revealed a nearly 94% greater conversion rate than something without the same.

Walmart’s 2017 prototype showed that Metaverse shopping transforms e-commerce from 2D static product catalogues. You can go for real-time experiences that help consumers go across your store. You can enjoy 3D-rendered store displays. This is an important step to fill the gap between the real-time experience of physical retail alongside going for easy and convenient shopping online.

As Microsoft’s Vice President, Jared Spataro, said that you can experience the Best Buy store in your Metaverse and find displays and devices. A website is not well connected to the physical experience of things you will experience.

Metaverse is vital to fill the gap as it allows the customers in the Metaverse to go across a store to enjoy product displays for completing the purchases in a way they usually want to do. This can be done in the comfort of their homes. Metaverse is a unique fusion of immersive nature for physical retail, helping you give easy shopping online.

You also need to go for several applications to give a convenient shopping experience. Metaverse allows you to improve current e-commerce practices to create a unique customer experience. You must get an insight into some concepts that Metaverse can revolutionise.

  1. Personalised Experience: The e-commerce industry is an excellent example of personalization that just stops at a point of product discounts or recommendations. In Metaverse, brands give their customers a highly personalised experience while taking away all reasons to worry about the various barriers of the physical world.
  1. Stronger Community Engagement: Metaverse is all about empowering your customers to participate in your brand’s activities. It helps you go for a symbiotic relationship that lets you get in touch with things your fans want from your brand. You can go for an exclusive product launch in the Metaverse, which becomes available to some of your most passionate fans allowing comprehensive access to your product.
  1. Top-class Customer Insights: Marketing means that you need to take care of your customers. Marketers are also required to create content for customer engagement. Consider things that excite your customers to uncover and interact through a virtual collection. Metaverse lets brands test product penetration even before manufacturing them. 
  1. Increased Profitability: You will be amazed to know that customers can pay up to 40% more for a product that they can test in 3D. Go for advanced product visualisation capabilities in your Metaverse. Thus, consumers need to make a better-informed purchasing decision leading to a higher profit margin for brands.
  1. Customer Experience: Go for catering a real-life digital experience in your Metaverse apart from an addition into the 2D interface of traditional e-commerce experiences. Metaverse allows you to cover the gap between e-commerce and in-store shopping experiences. 

Think of this-70% of consumers utilise their ability to touch on and find physical products that give you a great in-store experience, as per Shopkick’s recent study.

  1. Lower Return Rates: Go for virtual experiences, which are essential for merchants selling conventionally complex products to buy online and do not have high return rates because they cannot judge a product’s suitability. What are the products of this kind? 
  • Home furnishings
  • Cosmetics
  • Footwear
  • And fashion among few.

You need to plan a top-class, top-class customer journey in Metaverse, which might not replicate the online store into a virtual one. Some leaders can think of a unique way of e-commerce at this time. Creating a top-notch brand experience with your customers and communities is essential.

  1. Global Reach: The metaverse stores must be available for virtual shopping for your customers who are present anywhere across the globe!
  1. Bonus: What you also need is going for a comprehensive chart that covers both on-chain (blockchain) & off-chain companies going for the Metaverse. You might end up having a few personal favourite on-chain metaverse companies that give you an authentic on-chain metaverse experience. Many other brands also give you a fantastic brand experience in the Metaverse. We have companies going further to build Metaverse using Artificial Intelligence NFTs. In the end, they will ultimately be reaching a human-level intelligence in the Metaverse.


You can replace the phrase “the metaverse” with “cyberspace.” Moreover, this term is not limited to any specific kind of technology. Instead, it involves a broad shift in the way people interact with technology. It’s entirely possible that this term ultimately may become antique in a way specific technology describing it became common-place. The best Ecommerce SEO Agency that takes care to be in line with the latest digital marketing techniques and strategies can help you make the most of metaverse. Feel free to learn more about how Metaverse can help your brand to attract your audience by talking to experts at Visibility Gurus.