Link Building Isn’t Dead: Here’s Why

Link Building Isn’t Dead: Here’s Why

For any business or individual creating a website, understanding the complexities of SEO is paramount to long-term success. You want to ensure that search engines find your site and reward your hard work and excellent content with a prime listing on page one.

Additionally, with social media sites like Facebook changing their algorithm so that links don’t show up in feeds, gaining organic search traffic is more important than ever.

But getting your content onto the first page of Google search results is much easier said than done.

As anyone who’s created a successful website will tell you, seizing that primo ranking involves catering to Google’s legendary, ever-changing algorithm. Of course, if Google told us every factor that went into their algorithm, you could easily cater your content exactly to Google’s wishes.

Unfortunately, they don’t tell us all the factors. However, we do know some of the most important ones. In-depth, meaningful content is still (and always will be) the central driving force in your rankings. We’ll dive into this in a bit. However, there are a few other vital factors that play an essential role in the masses discovering your website through Google search.

One of the most critical is link building. What Is Link Building? Link building is generating links from other websites to your website. These links are also called “backlinks”. Why does this matter so much to Google? Because links from other websites serve as popularity votes, of sorts.