Latest On Page SEO Techniques 2021

Latest On Page SEO Techniques 2021

When we look at on page SEO, we are looking at how we can optimize each individual web page on a website. The goal with on page SEO is to get the pages to rank higher so that they pull in more relevant web traffic! Whether you are working with an individual developer or a local SEO company in Columbus, we are going to take a quick look at some of the latest on page SEO techniques for 2021.

Work On Creating High Quality Content

When you work with a digital marketing agency in Columbus to implement the latest on page SEO techniques, high quality content is a major part of 2021. Creating quality content is a multi-faceted and effective way to use on page SEO.

Online search engines are not typically fans of poorly written content. So, by focusing on putting out quality content like blogs, videos, and landing pages, you can use on page SEO to its fullest extent.

High quality content that can be curated and created by a local SEO company in Columbus, also helps to establish your business and brand as an expert. For example, if you are an online store that sells clothing made of recycled materials, you will want content that features keywords and informative information related to your business and what you do.

On page SEO that is relevant to your business is worked into any content that will be posted. This will allow people to search for content online and come across your high quality, expert content. 

Try Out Local SEO

Another on page SEO technique that local SEO companies in Columbus are focusing on is the implementation of local SEO. According to statistics from Think with Google, 30% of all mobile searches in 2016 were related to location. 

This shows us that local SEO has a big impact on how people use their location to search for businesses and services. Think in terms of “hardware store near me” and city specific questions like “lawyers in Columbus”.

Local SEO has a continued focus in 2021 in terms of on page SEO because it allows a digital marketing agency in Columbus to determine a business’s location and what keywords might be relevant to the local area. The local SEO can then be worked into web pages like the “About Us”, service pages, and even content like blogs.

Local SEO will help to pull in relevant traffic to your website from the surrounding area. This relevant traffic will contain potential customers who are specifically looking for services or items that you provide.

Implement A Stand Out User Experience

Lastly, let’s look at what a unique user experience (UX) can do for you in terms of on page SEO. When you work with a local SEO company in Jacksonville, on page SEO combined with creating a streamlined customer experience can go a long way to both informing site visitors and engaging them.

A stand out user experience can leave an impact on visitors. 89% of consumers were found to shop with a competitor after having a poor website UX experience, so having a focus on the UX is important. From the way they are able to navigate and search the website to the overall look of your site, having an optimized site and UX helps to set you apart and keep them interested.

Some key ways that a digital marketing agency in Columbus can help you create a unique UX include:

  1. Optimize your website both for a desktop and for mobile sites.
  2. Use clear headlines that implement relevant SEO and indicate what each section is about.
  3. The layout of your website should be easy to navigate.
  4. On page SEO will be able to be worked into the existing and content that a local SEO company in Columbus can create.

These are some of the latest on page SEO techniques that a digital marketing agency in Columbus is looking to in 2021. You now have a great starting point to understanding how on page SEO can be used in 2021!