Key Tips for Balancing Digital Marketing and Creative Writing

Key Tips for Balancing Digital Marketing and Creative Writing

For creative writers to share their content, there is a need for an audience. Creative writers require an online presence to reach their audiences. With the advent of social media, digital marketing, which is marketing that leverages the internet to connect to prospective customers, assists creative writers in influencing their readers. The article aims to provide some of the tips that creative writers can use to balance their writing with digital marketing. There should be a balance in digital marketing and creative writing especially for writers who want to have it both ways to ensure that they utilize this marketing trend.

Become an effective researcher

“Expanding on the research process is crucial especially since as a writer, inspiration is drawn from different sources,” says Brooke Williams, Senior Content Writer at SolidEssay and ConfidentWriters. It is critical to comprehend that content for writing is likely to be obtained from unusual places and therefore being open to that idea assists in developing quality content to be marketed in the web. Audiences are continually looking for creative and fresh content that will captivate and inspire them making it the work of the writer to search the internet extensively for information that will drive them towards such content. Researching from numerous data sources leads to responsive storytelling where the readers’ attention is captured and ultimately enables them to flow with the information.

Grab attention

Creative writers are innovative and use thoughts, feelings, and words to demonstrate their ideas and experiences of other people. Because of their expertness in language and sentence structure, they give a business an edge over another competitor. “Grabbing the attention of the readers is essential, especially if the title of their content shows up in search engines or when readers use keywords,” explains Kevin Johnston, Head of Content Writing at MLA Outline and SwiftPapers. Utilizing the search engine optimization is also helpful when trying to remain relevant to the followers whereby readers are able to access creative writing information in their electronic devices creating a balance between creative writing and digital marketing. By using the most targeted keywords in the content, readers stay in touch with their favorite creative writing content and regularly check for updates. Attract readers using texts with images, tailoring websites to suit local searches and also using creative word choices and story structure.

Anticipate the needs of the audience

Creative writers should understand that the digital age has necessitated the audience to turn to digital channels to acquire helpful content. Digital marketing relies on social media to target the appropriate audiences and therefore understanding how it works not only generates traffic to the website but also assists in anticipating the needs of the audience. Creating a balance between creative writing and digital marketing requires the writer to understand the problems of the readers in terms of what they want to hear, and to ensure that they share this information with other readers.  For a business, this grows the potential followers in the website, leading to brand equity and consequently increasing brand loyalty. Having an online presence not only assists the writer to remain relevant to the audience but also solves their problems increasing their likeliness to share the content.

Maximize your downtime

Creativity in writing requires focus and inspiration rather than writing with a sense of urgency. Marketing is an arduous task, and more often than not, the strategies focus on the quality over the quantity. It is important to realize that time can be used to enhance productivity while maintaining the quality of the content. Focused downtime assists the writers in focusing on their ideas by exploring a variety of content without an end goal in mind. The process involves jotting down any ideas that come up hence setting the objectives of the writing project at the need of the day. Restructuring the creative process assists the writer to place content marketing and creative writing on similar compartments and understand how to revolve around maximizing the experiences of the audience. 

The article concludes that an online presence is necessary in this digital age for writers to maintain relevance to their audience. For content to receive readership, writers should attract their audience with useful content that they come up with during their downtime that grabs their attention.
Author bio: Jeff Peters is a writer, editor, and serial entrepreneur from California. He is a regular contributor at ResearchOver, Medium, BuzzFeed and Paper-Research.