DuckDuckGo VS Sofurry Search Engine- Pros And Cons

DuckDuckGo VS Sofurry Search Engine- Pros And Cons

The Coming Of Search Engines. 

“The Internet is like the Himalaya, always young-always growing!” 

Since the beginning of the internet, new search engines are coming up every day, providing different purposes for the viewers. 

Whether it is a promise of the most search results, ad-free search experience, or utmost privacy, the search engines are improving day by day to match the audience’s expectations.

Two such successfully emerging search engines are the DuckDuckGo search engine and Sofurry search engine

The article will include properties, pros, and cons, along with a comparative difference between the two. 

What Is Duckduckgo Search Engine?

‘Are you tired of being tracked online? We can help.’ 

This is the motto for the search engine that we see on stumbling across this search engine. Needless to explain, this is what the domain preaches. For them, the privacy of their user is the utmost priority. 

Most of the reviews seem to speak very highly of this quality, especially when something as simple as clicking a link can get your device hacked in today’s day and age. 

DuckDuckGo has been a name in the search engine domain for almost 12 years now, since its launch in 2008 through the hands of Gabrielle Weinberg, CEO. 

Some Of Its Pros Are:

  • The search engine will allow you to create an extension on your current browser without any personalization. Hence, you will be relieved from any irritating impersonal ads pop-ups while you browse. 
  • ‘Your data is always saved on the internet.’ You hear this all the time, but with the DuckDuckGo search engine, you will be free from this constant worry. This domain does not save any data or personal information, or IP address, nor will it ask for any access. 
  • You will be welcomed by a blank search engine every time you go back. So, there is no breaching of privacy even through an external source if someone uses your device. 

Some Of The Cons Are:

  • It is not a completely ad-free domain. There won’t be personalized pop-ups, but you will still come across display ads. The only difference is they won’t cater to your interest always.
  • Although there is privacy, it doesn’t extend to certain viruses and malware attacks

What Is Sofurry Search Engine

SoFurry is a new form of search engine even though it first came out in 2002 holding the hand of Toumal, Founder. 

However, it has undergone many changes since then, and now it is one of the biggest platforms with more than 50,000 permanent users and 1,000,000 creative content submitted. 

This is a unique platform with the theme of anthropomorphism. 

Note: Anthropomorphism is the art of giving non living things human traits in a caricaturish form. 

Some Of Its Pros Are:

  • This search engine takes all the cake for being the most uniquely crafted domain. The artistic structure itself will attract users. 
  • Under the same domain, you are getting thousands of creative content, pictures, journals, marketing domain, and even music. Additionally, they all follow the theme of anthropomorphism, giving the search engine an artistic attire. 
  • This is a search engine with a group chat room where creators can talk about new content that they can put forward. 

Some Of The Cons are: 

  • As most of the users are external, there is no in-domain privacy protection. On top of that, the chat room data and impersonal details are constantly interchanged. Therefore, the only advice could be to be careful. 
  • You can share your creative artwork, but plagiarism and people stealing artwork are prone here as it is not officially published. 

DuckDuckgo Search Engine Vs. Sofurry Search Engine 

Although both have their unique qualities and are quite distinguishable, both are independent search engines that are not Google. Therefore, the similarities and differences of pros and cons are mentioned underneath. 

  1. DuckDuckgo is much more secure than Sofurry as Sofurry is much of a public domain.
  2. Sofurry has a unique picturesque experience lacking in DuckDuckgo, whose similarities fall more into the Google search engine domain. 

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  1. Sofurry has its chat room and marketing space, which gives users an opportunity for social advertisement. However, no such thing is implemented in DuckDuckgo.
  1. Sofurry doesn’t have vast search results, which is not an issue with DuckDuckgo.

To Conclude: 

Google is undoubtedly the search engine that we are most accustomed to, but Google has its flaws because they have access to your data in this domain. In addition, Google search engines can even acquire personal information from your registered mail.  

Therefore, drifting to other search engines is assuredly a good idea. Because not only will your privacy be secure, but you will also be exposed to so many different and unique search results that are not present in Google Chrome. 

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