Improving Digital Marketing in Tech Companies

Improving Digital Marketing in Tech Companies

There’s an assumption that because people work with technology for a living that they should be experts at digital marketing. The truth, however, is that being good at marketing requires a completely new skill set that technology experts may have yet to master. Here are five strategies for improving your online marketing strategies. 

Expand Your Infrastructure

This is a first step that should come easy to tech entrepreneurs, most of whom naturally take a proactive approach to infrastructure. Digital marketing requires speed, smooth connectivity and security. The first two require fast, high-bandwidth internet connections which in turn means getting high-quality hardware. The rapid adoption of 5G network architecture will certainly help in boosting those connections. Security requires both up-to-date hardware and software. It also might necessitate a change in deployment protocol, such as adopting endpoint security measures that take into account the dispersed nature of modern workforces. 

Develop Automated Systems

Embracing automation is a powerful way to scale marketing campaigns that take place almost entirely online. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can track prospective customers from cold leads to loyal patronage. Sales automation software can also go beyond this passive engagement to connecting sales teams remotely and even running email and SMS campaigns with minimal input. All of these tools are engineered with the goal of freeing staff from menial tasks so they can focus on improving the quality and reach of their offerings. 

Think Social

Social media is the heart of any digital marketing campaign. According to Statista’s recent research, Facebook topped 2.8 billion users in 2021. Even more interesting from a marketing perspective, 31% of total e-commerce sales across the US were done from a mobile device. Engaging with customers within the context of their social spaces is the key to getting and keeping their attention.

Critical to this goal is making yourself memorable in a crowded marketplace. A few science-backed hacks include the use of layout and color psychology to not only increase website traffic but to engender an image of authority and confidence that enhances your brand. It’s also important to keep content current; when people see a lack of updates or sporadic posting habits, it undermines their impression of your overall reliability. 

Forge Strategic Alliances

Within social media advertisement, influencer marketing is one of the most lucrative options out there. This strategy is all about finding someone in your industry with a large and loyal following in digital media and then partnering with them to showcase your brand. It’s a win-win since they get paid for advertising and the company they’re teaming up with gains visibility. Influencer partnerships are an especially good match for tech companies since both they and the influencers typically operate within a well-defined niche of customers who know what quality in their industry should look like.

It’s also worth mentioning that word-of-mouth marketing is the most trusted channel of communication, with 92% of consumers stating that they trust the word of family and friends over anyone else when making a purchasing decision. Make your company the word that gets spread. 

Learn the Soft Skills

One of the hardest skills in digital marketing for tech leaders to learn is also arguably the most important: the art of personal connection. Using hard selling and cold calls might be tempting, but the effectiveness of this timeworn strategy is fading as consumers begin to demand more respect from businesses. This should start with your customer service. The use of AI chatbots might be reflexive at this point, but 86% of consumers prefer the human touch of a live operator. Above all else, make sure that you (and your company culture as a whole) convey a sense of empathy for the people you have dealings with. The surest path to projecting authenticity is being authentic

Developing new skills that are outside of your comfort zone is never easy. But by keeping things simple and knowing what your ultimate goals are, you can learn which tools will help you succeed.