How Zoom Can Improve Your PR

How Zoom Can Improve Your PR

As you redevelop your workplace during the pandemic, you have to find new and unique ways to operate your departments. If you work in public relations, you must find a safe way to speak to your staff, to the media, and to other individuals outside of your company. You have to represent your organization and promote your mission statement while keeping your distance from others. Video chat platforms can help you with this task. Here are a few ways that Zoom can improve your PR.

Talk To Employees of the Organization

When you work in public relations, you are working with your own staff as well as those outside your company. However, if you need to get a message out to your entire organization, it can be a challenge to get everyone under the same roof. This is especially true if you have multiple locations all over the country. To get everyone together at the same time to share the latest news happening within your corporation, you can utilize this platform and have everyone log on for a video meeting. You can also do this if you head up the PR wing of a charitable association and want to talk to your volunteers. You can reach out to your team using zoom for nonprofits and pass along the information that they need to do their tasks.

Interview Subject For the Company’s Newsletters and Other Publications

At times, there will be a notable individual that you will want to feature in your company newsletter, magazine, or on your website. This might be someone who works for your business or someone outside of it that is in the industry. It can be weeks to coordinate a date or time that you can meet together in your office to talk about what they do and get the information that you need to write your story. This can cause you to miss your deadline and push back the article to a time when it is less than relevant. You can use Zoom to set up a chat online and see them as you ask the questions that you have for them. Utilizing this method of communication will allow you to keep on schedule while getting the data that you need when you require it. 

Reach Out To the Media

As a public relation specialist, you work closely with the media to update them on the events happening within your company. While they can be receptive about making time to coordinate with your busy schedule, they have other companies that they communicate with as well. You can remedy this issue by contacting them through Zoom and speaking when both of you are in the office instead of on the road. Another benefit to this is that you can meet multiple reporters at the same time and take questions from them over the internet. This minimizes contact among each other at a time when you should keep your distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Promote the Company and Its Products In a Forum

Staff members who work in PR can work with the community as well as the media. You can reach out to your potential customers to talk about your business as well as the products that you sell. It is your job to present your company in the best image possible and make the people who talk to you want to buy from you. You can set up video chats over Zoom with these individuals so that they can ask questions and learn more about what you do. You can also bring on experts in the field as well as instructors who can teach them a skill while the end user is online. This is also an excellent opportunity to interview them about what activities they enjoy, where they live, and other data that you can use to narrow down the demographic that you should market to. 

Coordinate and Conduct Trade Shows

Over the past couple of years, events all over the world were canceled. Slowly, these programs were transferred online so that they could continue. You can also conduct trade shows and seminars this way with other companies in your industry as well as consumers who are interested in your products. Set up a schedule of speakers and vendors who are willing to participate in this project with you. Advertise your meeting on your website, on your social media pages, and in emails to your clients. You can also ask your partners to reach out to their customers as well. Organize the Zoom meeting links that you will need and publicize them to those individuals that registered with you. From there, you can monitor each group that gets together on the platform to ensure that the content is of high quality and that everyone is excited and enjoying themselves. 

Work With Influencers Who Sponsor the Company

A new marketing concept that businesses are using to reach a new, younger demographic is to partner with an influencer. These individuals have a large following on social media and offer to use your items on their page for an agreed upon compensation.To work with them on a project, you must contact them over the internet since they are often a great deal of distance away. However, it can be a challenge to express what you want to tell them over an email. Zoom lets you see them face to face when you explain what your products are as well as the mission of your company. It is essential that the person you are contracted with portrays your organization in a positive light so that their audience will want to shop with you. The pandemic has greatly changed the way that you do business today. To keep yourself and the people that you collaborate with safe, you need to find new methods to communicate. Meeting by video chat over Zoom lets you represent your business while sharing what is new and noteworthy as you represent the public relations department of your organization.