How to Utilize Consumer Insights For Email Marketing

Emails are a powerful tool that marketers can use to engage with audiences and get their message in front of the right people. You can use customer insights to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Improve Targeted Marketing

If your marketing team has created an email drip campaign, you want it to hit its target. For that to happen, your marketing team must work together using a unified platform. This unified platform should offer collaboration tools that everyone can access from the cloud. It should have tools for marketing automation and email marketing. Tools like these enhance the day-to-day workflow for marketing, sales, and customer support teams.

All of this helps your marketing team get your message in front of the right audience. Doing this is just as important as crafting the message itself. Your email team should identify the most engaged customers, which are usually the highest spending customers. This can be done by evaluating revenue per subscriber and lifetime value. This way, your team can create a lookalike audience to target people more efficiently.

Prioritize Content

You can use customer insights to prioritize the topics and content your team produces. This includes determining how your emails will be formatted. Look at current customers to understand what potential customers would likely want to see. What are your current users interacting with?

For example, if you have emails that discuss soft skills your clients want to learn and you see an increase in engagement rates, you know that you want to focus on this type of content. For your clients, these are compelling topics. Your marketing team needs to respond by creating more content of this type. Your emails could include links to video series or discussions on topics designed to attract new subscribers or generate new leads.

Avoid a One-Size-Fits-All Sales Approach

Making a successful pitch through an email is one part science and one part art. The art is in the crafting of the email. The science is in the data. You want your marketing team to produce effective content that they know is effective because they have tested it. A/B testing is a great way to determine what email messages are winners and what email messages are losers. With this information in hand, your marketing team can vary its approach to reach different customer types.

Use Emails for Promotions People Care About

Promotions can be unique. They can come in different shapes and sizes. Finding the right promotion for your customers will require some testing. However, your email marketing team could look at forwarding rates and emails that have a higher than average refer-a-friend success rate. You also want to look at the value of your referrals. For example, if your email is offering cash back for referrals, you will likely see a higher number of referrals because people are more engaged when they get cashback.

But just because you get more referrals from your emails does not mean that the quality of referrals is high. High-value referrals may come when you offer exclusive access to new products. It will be up to you to understand what strategy is successful and then tweak your email promotions based on the results that you want.

Know the Devices Your Customers Are Using

Part of email marketing includes knowing the devices your customers are accessing their emails on and then optimizing your email delivery for your customer’s preferred devices. This information is not only valuable to your email team, but it can be valuable for other teams. For example, it can help your entire marketing team understand how your customers navigate between devices.

Your email team and your web design team can compare notes to see what devices are used most commonly for different channels. Do your customers check email more frequently on their laptops and navigate your site more frequently on their mobile devices? If so, you may need to make adjustments in your marketing delivery to guarantee a consistent experience across all devices.


Keeping marketing consistent can be a challenge. However, when done correctly, email marketing still has the power to move people to buy. Take advantage of customer insights to make your email marketing be the best it can be.

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