How to Get More Leads and Revenue From Your Website (without spending money on ads or marketing)

How to Get More Leads and Revenue From Your Website (without spending money on ads or marketing)

The fundamental reason to have a website is to create a channel of regenerative business. Your website is the only employee you have that will work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It not only represents your business online, but also invites prospective customers to engage with your brand. 

Many businesses in the United Kingdom use their website as a mechanism to generate leads for the services they provide. A proactive lead generation machine means new customers and consequently more profit. This is why the majority of companies work with a web development agency in the UK

These agencies are adept at creating web applications that work intelligently. Additionally, partnering with the right company can mean quicker turnarounds and the flexibility to handle multiple projects, cost-effectively. 

However, fine-tuning a website to become a lead or revenue magnet can become a cost-intensive endeavour. This is why I have come up with a list of 5 steps to get more leads from your website:

Build a list

The first step is to build a list with the most frequently asked questions you get with regard to your product or service. These could be any question that will provide customers with valuable information they will need to make a decision. For example: 

  1. How long does the warranty last?
  2. What are your return policies?
  3. How do we get discount vouchers?

            The questions should address common problems customers face, thus avoiding the need to connect with a representative.

Create long-form content 

The next step is to create some long-form content – Don’t worry; I’m about to explain what it means. 

Long content could be any form of content that gives detailed explanations about the questions you’ve got noted down from step one. This could be a video, article, and even a podcast you can create that elaborates on the questions you’ve already got noted down. Take for example, this article that you are reading; this article is a great example of long-form content as it goes into the details of the actions that are needed to be taken. The basic criteria are to make the content as helpful and valuable to the viewer as possible. 


Having completed steps one and two, you may now have either a video, article, or podcast ready. Let’s say you’ve created an article of a thousand words, repurposing the article will give you more content. How do you do this? Let me explain…

Once again, for the sake of an easy explanation, take this article that you are reading as an example. Now that I’ve got all the words down and arranged systematically, I can take out the golden nuggets and create a visually pleasing infographic. This infographic can then be posted on social media to drive more traffic to my website. Or, I could collect images and create a video that visualises my written content. Similarly, I could even record a vlog or podcast based on the same content. 

The basic point here is that one piece of long-form content could be repurposed multiple times to create a larger impact. 


This is probably one of the most important steps to follow. Creating multiple layers of content is not a profit yielding exercise by itself. Each and every piece of content needs to be optimised with keywords in order to be found easily when searched for. 

By this, in no way do I mean you need to stuff keywords aimlessly. Keyword stuffing has a negative effect on ranking and can actually damage any SEO endeavour that you have undertaken. 

It is still prudent practice to research the most searched for keywords and tactfully include them in your content. This not only reduces the chances of your website being flagged, but also attracts the right kind of audience. 

Happy Sales

One of the obvious results of this exercise would be having a happier sales team. Creating useful resources that help customers, resolve queries, and add value to their time contribute to a superior brand experience. 

Another benefit to this exercise is that it increases consumer engagement. How many times have you visited the website of a service provider and have had to leave without your queries being answered? There is tons and tons of data and statistics to prove that websites that solve problems are far more popular than those that simply display information.

Additionally, sites that solve problems are known to be saved or retained for the value they have delivered in comparison with those websites that do not. In the likelihood of making a purchase, customers that have been helped by your website are bound to return to it. Time and time again I have created case studies on brands that invest in the customer by creating valuable resources and have seen an increase in sales on account of it. 

While these steps will prove to be fruitful, it’s always prudent to have a website that represents your brand well and performs in a manner it’s supposed to. This means, if your website isn’t making you money, it’s taking it. This is why most profitable businesses choose to partner with web development agencies in the UK

Web development agencies are adept in the fields of technology and design, and keep up to date with changing technologies .

Agencies such as Web Choice have become titans in the domain of website development. They’re teams of experts provide tailor-made solutions to overcome complex situations. Web Choice is one of the most well rested web development agencies in the UK, and is renowned for offering a quality of service beyond expectation. 

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About the author:

Sam Dunning is the Sales Director and Co-Owner at WEB CHOICE, UK.

He hosts the weekly podcast “Business Growth Show” with business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

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