How to Revamp & Revitalize Your Website Design

How to Revamp & Revitalize Your Website Design

With more and more individual, private customers, and commercial clients alike choosing to both search for and utilize services and products offered by prestigious online suppliers, one of the most important aspects of a modern business model is that of a clear and concise official company website.

Here, for your reading pleasure and, of course, information, is a comprehensive guide to revamping your website design. 

Critically Analyze Your Current Website

As in any area of business and that of one’s personal life, there is no possible way you will learn from the mistakes you made in the past if you are not first made aware of them.,

Before even thinking about designing your new website, it is first crucially important to cast a detailed and thorough critical eye over your current website layout, set-up, and design as to ascertain the weak points, strong elements, and any functions which are lacking. 

Outsource Digital Marketing Functions

Another incredibly beneficial way to greatly enhance the quality of your official company website is to outsource the entirety of your digital marketing functions to a reputable and renowned third-party company SEO company.

There is a wide plethora of benefits to outsourcing your digital marketing, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Annual leave or staffing issues will no longer affect digital marketing functions
  • Unprecedented access to the latest technology
  • Professional advice and expert guidance
  • Optimization now and in the future
  • Time to devote to other core areas of the business
  • A way to keep informed of industry developments and updates

Determine Your Fundamental Business Goals

For a company’s official website to accurately represent both the products they sell and their essential business ethos, it is absolutely crucial to determine and define the fundamental business goals. 

Basically, your business goals should encompass not only your reasons for starting your company in the first place but also your financial goals for the future. Additionally, if, for example, you have started a business which promotes sustainability and support for preserving the environment, have your website promote this on every page.

Introduce Call-to-Action

Once you have your virtual visitor viewing your home page of the website, either via an exterior or sponsored link or a link from your e-mail, it is your sole objective to transfer their interest into an active purchasing of your product or service. 

Placing strategic calls to action in places such as the top right-hand corner of the navigation panel as well as the bottom of each and every page will help incite the potential customer to convert to a new customer. 

Focus on Imagery

The extreme importance of meaningful, well-placed, and well-thought-out imagery on a company website can simply never be overstated. 

Wherever possible, it is far more effective to use original videos and photography on your website wherever possible, but if you do need or choose to use stock imagery instead, always ensure that you never select well-known or cliché images. Additionally, choose more realistic imagery which directly links to the services or products your company offers.