How to Make A Website More Engaging

We go through an ample number of websites every day to fetch various kinds of details. But not necessarily, one begins its journey through the homepage only. A visitor most probably would reach the website via landing page or a designated URL. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep them on your site to explore more pages and click on more relative links. All of this, while keeping in mind to deliver the best user experience & most effortless navigation possible. One can also consult a web design & development company

In this fast-paced world, grabbing the attention of the audience is of fundamental importance. Having an attractive website but with lower usability would not want them to visit your website again. That does not mean to have an unattractive site. Instead, understand the correlation between website navigation and user experience will certainly create a significant impact on conversions, sales and reduce your bounce rates. With the help of available tools today, website design & development is a secure cookie to crack as no more coding expertise is required.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of making a website engaging with website navigation, CMS, website’s typography & optimization – let’s find out why the website engagement is so critical.

Why Website Engagement matters?

  • 90% of the internet users get distracted from their browsing experience in the multi-screen age, says Google.
  • Des Traynor, lead of Intercom customer success, said: The first impression of your Website may be the only opportunity you have to win first-time visitors.
  • According to Kissmetrics studies: 96% of the first-time visitors don’t return
  • -67% of the website visitors look for content that targets their job function, and 80% find content targeted to their audience.
  • Marketo study says 83% of decision-makers indicate company websites are most important for research. In fact, 70% of the sales decision is made before the sales reps approach them.

There are a lot of amazing and inspiring websites out there. But only those thrive who find innovative ways to utilize every possible design and technological boundary to their advantage. Finding diamonds in this competitive tech-world is an incredible challenge, especially if you’re planning for a Website redesign. So, why not jump in to understand how to make a website more engaging and interactive.

Must Steps To Make Your Website More Engaging

You might have noticed while stumbling across an excellent website that it tends you to spend more time on the site without deliberately thinking about it. If you have experienced this then surely, the website has engaged you. Below we have listed a few fundamental things about building useful websites.

1 Ensure Your Design Is Consistent and Memorable

The Website Development Company should design a Website that has intuitive navigation options as visitors don’t have to search long for the content they need. It should show high-quality images rather than text-heavy pages. Add excellent themes which should give visual consistency and incorporate delightful elements (interactive or animated). Evade using a different style of fonts and stick to a color palette to make your brand loyalty easy.

2 Simplify Content to Avoid Word Crimes

Content is the most crucial phase for any Website Development Company to get high-quality engagement in your business site. Content can be drafted in various forms, whether in adding keywords, boost search engine ranking or to overwhelm visitors. Mainly the content should focus on your strengths and wheedle your visitors to connect with you.

3 Ace With Navigation

Website navigation is one of the top factors to create an engaging website. If visitors don’t know how to move around effectively within your website – then it is a huge problem, and you need to cover much ground in terms of improving your site. You can begin with:

a) Breadcrumbs – These are the navigation links in the sequential order or ranking that appear on a particular page. They show how the page is intertwined within other pages.
b) Internal Linking – It helps your visitor to jump from one page to another on your site. This is mainly used keeping in mind to navigate, establish information hierarchy or to distribute ranking power throughout the website. Read more about it here.
c) Call To Action (CTA) – Keep the three Cs rule in mind when it comes to including call-to-action in your site. They are Catchy, Concise & Convert. Place your CTAs at a distinguishable position on the page. Also, ensure that the CTA text is relevant & concluding with your content.
d) User Experience – Guided navigation will lead you to attain the highest in user experience design. Proper site navigation should aim to communicate effectively with your visitors. It showcases how a user perceives your website’s usability. Fonts, color, images, page load time, CTAs and Form Design are all the major aspects of web design & development to be considered for delivering excellent user experience.

Once rightfully done above things, the user will leave your site with an intention to return and might as well opt for your products or services. At the least, even if they signup or subscribe for your email list – consider the job done well.

4 Add Videos to Interest Visitors

If you don’t want to add much content to your website, then create videos that cover subjects written and embed them into your site. The graphic designer can show the product features in videos or in animation form along with highlighting your offering. Studies show that 85% more likely to purchase your product by visual experience. It happens because 90% of visuals are transmitted through the brain; therefore, adding videos can be beneficial to make your website more appealing. On the contrary, in delivering a great web design & user experience – a major aspect of web typography also plays a vital role. It is all about how you use different fonts, letters, words & paragraphs on the webpages for a display to create an aesthetic feeling among visitors

5 Add Steps to Keep Visitors Hooked

Adding steps will prevent your prospects from bouncing back off the page. Moreover, try to build a relationship with you by providing valuable & relevant information. If visitors get useful information on your site, they are coming back to you. As a result, your website can get a chance to be added in their bookmarked list. Again, call-to-action is essential, and it keeps visitors on your website, but sometimes being too sales-oriented can also disengage visitors. Make sure that CTAs are personalized to your audience at each level of your sales funnel.

Get Social

Your work doesn’t just end after creating an engaging website. Now it’s time to market it to the world. The report says that 80% of the adults are using the internet to interact with companies, clientele and using social media. Share your site information on your social pages and give them a chance to communicate with you. Add promotions, coupons, and various exciting details to make this step effective. Trust factor also plays an essential role for you to clench new clients. Thus, including your Clutch ratings or reviews from any other such directory along with certification & awards could play the right cards for you for conversions and sales.

Share Proof of Concept

Last but not least. It is also advisable to show & share your work. It has been noted that people tend to believe when you keep proof of concept. It helps them correlate and visualize how their own website might look like if they opt for your services. You can include Portfolio or Case Studies documents to go along as the evidence of your past work. Appreciating words from your clients in the form of their website or mobile app development company would also help your visitors to understand how your company works.

In a nutshell, building an engaging website isn’t easy, but adapting above pointers can help you build a broad audience who might opt for your product and services & probably will pitch to others. However, make a fundamental note not to mirror any web design just because it looks fantastic there. Instead, try to figure out the navigational elements of your business. As every business is unique, so should be your strategy to convert your audience. Try performing A/B testing and design performance checks from time to time to deliver the best user experience to your site visitors. 

Wrapping up:

Folks, it’s high time to craft an engaging website and brand yourself digitally. If you fail to create a website, don’t worry, Evince Development can make your website stand out in the market. For many years now, EvinceDev has been delivering growth through digital transformation. Not just in the web design & development services and mobile app development, but the company is now empowering entrepreneurs with on-demand mobile solutions. For all these years, delivering quality services with honesty & ethics and all-round satisfaction has kept them moving forward to provide unmatched IT services.

Author Bio: Maulik Pandya is the founder & CEO of Evince Development – a software development agency committed to delivering innovative digital solutions. With over 8+ years of experience, Maulik has played a versatile role in development, marketing, and every other aspect surrounding web, mobile, and enterprise solutions.

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