How to Improve Social Media Marketing for AEC Firms

How to Improve Social Media Marketing for AEC Firms

In the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, the tools for success extend beyond bricks and mortar; they now include tweets, posts, and likes. Social media has become a cornerstone for AEC firms looking to build not only structures but also a robust online presence. 

Whether you’re an architect with an eye for aesthetics, an engineer mastering precision, or a construction pro building the future, it’s time to nail your social media strategy. Here are some reliable ways you can improve your AEC firm’s social media strategy:

Understand Your AEC Audience on Social Media

Each social media platform has its unique approach. LinkedIn, with its professional network, is often the go-to for B2B interactions and industry updates. Instagram, on the other hand, thrives on visual storytelling, making it an ideal canvas for showcasing architectural wonders and construction marvels. 

It’s also important to understand that architects, engineers, and construction professionals have a language of their own. When sharing content on these platforms, you need to dive into industry jargon, trends, and discussions to demonstrate your insider knowledge. Craft content that not only showcases your expertise but also sparks conversations within the community.

Run Targeted Advertising Campaigns

The AEC industry is visually driven, and that’s why investing in imagery is crucial to the overall success of your advertising campaign strategies. Most of your time should go into creating visually striking ads that showcase your projects, designs, and expertise. The goal is to stop the scrolling thumb and capture attention.

Most importantly, consider hiring a professional online marketing company for AEC firms like HOPEWORKSDESIGN to help with professionally targeted advertising campaigns. Ensure that you allocate your advertising budget judiciously and set daily or campaign-specific limits to maximize your reach without overspending. Finally, monitor the performance of your ads and be ready to adjust your strategy based on real-time analytics.

Go Live

One of AEC firms’ most prolific social media strategies is aligning with their target audience through the various social media platforms that support live video sessions. Through these sessions, you can share your expertise and knowledge and answer your live audience’s questions in real-time. This way, you attract a loyal following that sees you as an authority in the AEC industry. What’s important here, is that you continually creatively come up with fresh content that keeps your audience engaged and interested in what you sell.

Showcase Your Team

Your potential clients should always know the people responsible for the great things your company achieves and know who to approach for their various problems. Another advantage of showcasing your team is that your audience will see your company’s size and will be able to trust you with big contracts in the event they need your services.

What’s more, when your team members tell stories of what their hobbies outside work are, they create a touch of personality in your posts. This attaches high human value to your posts, thus attracting even more loyal followers.

A successful social media strategy for your AEC firm starts when you finally understand what it takes to please your audience. Once you understand your audience’s needs, it’s easier to optimize your strategies and get the most out of this loyal following.