7 Best Platforms to Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

7 Best Platforms to Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

Affiliate marketing is an attractive online business model that allows you to earn commissions by promoting other companies’ products. You don’t need to create your own products or services. Getting started as a complete beginner can seem overwhelming, though. Where do you even start?In this guide, we will share the top affiliate marketing platforms for newcomers to launch and grow their businesses from zero experience. All you need is a good landing page and a growth mindset.

Choosing the Best Affiliate Programs

When selecting an affiliate network to join, consider these key factors:

  • Reputation & Trust – Choose mature programs with a strong brand and many advertisers. This ensures on-time payments and support.
  • Available Advertisers – Bigger networks provide more options to meet your audience’s needs. Find advertisers in your niche that resonate with your content.
  • Commission Rates & Structure – Compare commission percentages and structures across programs. Some pay per sale, others on referrals or clicks.
  • Payment Thresholds & Methods – Check the minimum earnings required before you receive payouts. Make sure payment methods work in your country.

Top Affiliate Programs and Platforms For Newbies

Now, let’s explore the top affiliate marketing sites for beginners.

1. Amazon Associates

With trust built over decades and access to millions of products, Amazon Associates is a goldmine for those starting from nothing.

Available Commission: Up to 10% per sale, depending on the product category

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

Payment Method: Check, Direct Deposit, Amazon Gift Card

Why It’s Great For Beginners:

  • Highest trust and brand recognition
  • Massive product selection
  • Generous commission rates
  • Simple interface and reporting

The reach of Amazon’s marketplace means demand for their products will always be high. Promoting relevant items to your audience can earn passive income as an Amazon affiliate.

2. ClickBank

ClickBank pioneered the digital marketplace space, specializing in e-commerce products. Leverage their huge library of goods waiting for new affiliate marketing people.

Available Commission: 50-75% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60-90 days

Payment Method: Check, Direct Deposit

Why It’s Great For Beginners:

  • High commissions with recurring option
  • Popular digital goods convert well
  • Premade creatives to promote offers
  • Free analytics and marketing tools

ClickBank products are primarily info products, meaning you earn by referring customers to online courses, membership sites, ebooks, and software. These provide excellent value.

3. Rakuten

Formerly known as eBay Partner Network, Rakuten allows access to thousands of big-name stores.

Available Commission: Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Method: Check, Direct Deposit

Why It’s Great For Beginner Affiliate Marketers:

  • Big brand partnerships
  • Massive reach across verticals
  • Quality creatives and links
  • Solid support and platform

Promote popular retail brands and generate sales leads. Rakuten streamlines this with dedicated support, abundant creatives, and strong reporting.

4. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) grants access to established sites across diverse niches. 

Available Commission: Varies, up to 20%+

Cookie Duration: Varies per program

Payment Method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer

Why It’s Great For Affiliate Marketing Beginners:

  • Huge brand partnerships
  • Variety of verticals
  • Detailed tracking and reporting
  • Reliable support

You can promote reputable companies in fashion, travel, food delivery, finance, and more. Each affiliate marketing program sets its own commissions and rules. But quality tracking, reporting, and support make it easier.

5. ShareASale

Focusing exclusively on info products, ShareASale houses digital goods and subscriptions covering all major niches.

Available Commission: 25%+ average

Cookie Duration: 30-90 days

Payment Method: Check, ACH Transfer, Wire Transfer

Why It’s Great For Affiliate Beginners:

  • Targeted niche products convert
  • Structured onboarding guide
  • Helpful affiliate managers
  • Solid platform and support

With structured guidance for new affiliates and readily available contact with affiliate managers, ShareASale welcomes fresh faces warmly.

6. Impact

Impact consolidates top direct advertiser affiliate marketing programs into one network.

Available Commission: 7-20%+

Cookie Duration: 7-90 days

Payment Method: Payoneer, PayPal, Check

Why It’s Great For Beginners:

  • Direct partnerships with brands
  • Curated in-house creatives
  • Performance boost consultation
  • Cutting-edge analytics

As an invite-only network with exclusive brand deals, Impact provides exceptional design and optimization insight that lifts conversions for those accepted.

7. Google Affiliate Network (GAN)

Part of Google Ads, the Google Affiliate Network (GAN) allows monetizing sites through relevant text, display, app, and YouTube video ads.

Available Commission: Cost Per Click (CPC) model

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Method: Check, ACH, Wire Transfer

Why It’s Great For Beginners:

  • Renowned Google brand authority
  • Massive display ad reach
  • Video monetization option
  • Top-tier analytics and optimization

GAN delivers wonderfully for publishers seeking brand-safe, high-quality ads that complement existing content while earning revenue.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Before joining any affiliate program, build a website, email list, or social media platform focused on a specific niche.

Create and share high-value written, graphic, video, or audio content regularly to grow your audience organically. Engaging in education, entertainment, inspiration, or problem-solving draws people in.

Once you establish:

  • An engaged audience niche
  • Social media followers or email subscribers
  • Relevant content and creatives
  • Analytics to track growth

You can apply to partner with fitting advertiser programs. Carefully match their products to the demonstrated interests of your community for promotion.

Strategic, genuine recommendations of useful items your followers will appreciate earn sales and nurture loyalty simultaneously.

Key Takeaways

  • Reputation and available products should guide ideal affiliate program choices.
  • Information, software, and popular retail brands convert well
  • High-value content builds engaged niche audiences organically
  • Affiliate links interspersed within useful recommendations perform best
  • Start niche and small, compiling analytics to support applications

Monitor advertiser creatives and report diligently to optimize ongoing promotions. Continually assess commission rates and product relevance as you expand your multimedia assets and fanbase.

Wrap Up

The platforms and basics above equip newbie affiliate marketing folks to earn their first dollar through affiliate promotions. Implementing the strategies outlined above sets you well along the path to passive income streams and online earning freedom!