How to Grow Your Business Online with Enterprise SEO?

Optimizing websites with thousands of web pages and keywords can be a difficult task. This is where Enterprise SEO comes into the picture. Enterprise SEO is a set of SEO strategies aimed at improving the online presence of large enterprises. Here, we’ve shared tips on how to grow your business online with Enterprise SEO. 

Create and Optimize Content

Content is vital for SEO. Nearly every journey starts with a customer problem followed by information search and ends with a solution. If enterprises want to be successful, they should develop high-quality content for all stages of the customer journey. You will often run out of SEO tactics to apply, but you should never stop creating and optimizing content 

Large enterprises have a broad range of products serving different types of customers. Growing your customer base is the first step to growing your business. According to marketing experts at The Search Assembly, creating compelling content is valuable to connect with your target audience. 

Enterprise SEO allows you to optimize your content for different target audiences and help reach qualified prospects.  Once qualified prospects reach your website and make purchases, they are more likely to become repeat customers.  This is key to building customer relationships and growing your customer base. 

Adopt Voice SEO

Voice SEO is a relatively new thing in search engine optimization. With more than 1 billion voice searches happening each month, voice optimization is an exciting opportunity for large enterprises. The trend of voice SEO has not yet caught up, and this provides early adopters a significant advantage. 

Studies show voice search offers immense opportunity.  It is gaining popularity among users and is becoming a preferred medium to make phone calls, purchases, and more. Here are important findings and predictions related to voice search

  • 65% of smart speakers prefer using voice to make purchases
  • By 2020, about 50% of all searches will be happening by voice
  • 31% of smartphone users use voice search at least once in a week

Adding Voiced SEO to your Enterprise SEO will help you cut through the competition. One of the most significant benefits is Voice SEO coordinates with Enterprise SEO. Most optimizations you will perform will support and expand your SEO strategy. 

Coordinate With Other Marketing Channels

Digital marketing is multi-channel. Enterprises with large product portfolios are more likely to have a diverse customer base. At the enterprise level, companies have to maintain different teams for each channel. This can lead to uncoordinated marketing activities that result in poor performance. 

Leverage Outreach

Large enterprises are well-known brands, especially the established ones. Their brand is famous for journalists, bloggers, consumers, and influencers. However, large enterprises seldom use this factor to their advantage. Most enterprises assume they will get their coverage due to their large size. Bringing outreach to Enterprise SEO can make a huge difference. Here are some significant reasons to pay attention to awareness in SEO strategy.

  • Grow Your Backlink Profile

A backlink profile is important for every website, big or small. Enterprises don’t consider the backlink profile a significant area. Depending on your industry, your website may have hundreds of links from reputable sites from your sector. However, a link from another website goes beyond the backlink profile. That link can make your website top of mind to readers and drive business traffic. 

  • Increase Word of Mouth Recommendations

Connecting with influencers and bloggers trusted by your target market can help your business grow. Endorsements from bloggers and influencers can give you the benefits of increased word of mouth recommendations. If you enter into a paid partnership with influencers, they will not endorse your competitor’s products for an agreed period. This will help you run ahead of the competition.

Use Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are selected search results that feature on the top of Google’s organic search results. They appear just below the ads in the box. Featured snippets are the best way for enterprises to get more website traffic, leads, conversions, sales, and market share. Here are some interesting facts about featured snippets.

  • 41% of questions include featured snippets 
  • 50% of searches contain featured snippets 

When customers view your website in the featured snippet, it automatically reduces their chances of visiting competitor websites. Featured snippets also work with voice search, and 60% of answers come from featured snippets. 

Target Striking Distance Keywords

As mentioned earlier, an enterprise website may have hundreds of keywords. Most enterprises focus only on improving your ranking on page one of the results page. While focusing on page one, you should not lose focus on pages 2 and 3 in search results. SEO experts prefer this strategy as targeting strikes distance keywords. This is an integral part of Enterprise SEO. 

Once you find keywords in striking distance and your site is relevant to keywords, do the following things.

  • Expand the current content to meet the user intent 
  • Make the content more relevant and useful to users

Some Advanced Strategies for Enterprise SEO

  • Launch Progressive Web App 

A progressive web app is not a mobile app, but it offers user experience like one. It is user-friendly, fast, and smooth. One advantage is users can save progressive web apps as shortcuts on desktop or mobile and access whenever they want. They can even receive notifications from PWA. 

  • Internal Linking 

Internal linking is often forgotten/ignored in Enterprise SEO. Internal linking is easy for small sites but can be problematic for hundreds or thousands of pages. The truth is lack of internal linking makes it difficult for search engine crawlers to index your website. Hence, it will help if you have an optimized internal linking strategy for better indexing.

Your qualified prospects are the most important to your business. The tips given above ensure you advertise on channels where your prospects are. Enterprise SEO provides you a vital way to reach your prospects and attract them to your website with the right marketing tactics.