How to download from Instagram: recycle content 2022

How to download from Instagram: recycle content 2022

According to official statistics, the social network provides default ways for users to download information from their accounts. However, Instagram contains many photos and videos that you may need if you want to reuse content for posting. For example, publish on other social networks, or create new creatives and visuals based on other users’ posts.

Unlike TikTok, Instagram doesn’t offer such a feature by default; that is, downloading from the application will not be available. Nevertheless, you can save Instagram photos by using special web services that work on the principle of a regular site. These services are anonymous and also allow you to view content on the web, meaning you won’t need to have an account to see content, and you won’t need to sign in to an Instagram profile. 

Therefore, this method of collecting content is advanced for complete anonymity and security. For example, Toolzu Instagram Downloader is a service that ranks high on Google searches. This means that this service is time-tested – downloads are fast, and you get images in the quality – exactly as the user uploaded them to the social network. 

Download from Instagram like a pro: ready-made posting ideas

What should you do when you need to download images or videos in high resolution? 

  • First of all, if you want to constantly use visuals regularly, utilize content recycling, then collect several profiles from which you will periodically collect content. This way, it will be easier for you to keep at hand all the necessary high-quality visuals in advance. In addition, many services provide improved search capabilities. For example, you can bulk download the posts from Instagram accounts. It is important to note that these profiles must be public – that is, if the user has restricted access in the privacy settings, just their audience can see. And the downloader will not be able to download from here. You may take ten bloggers’ profiles and instruct a unique service to track the content of these users.

The easiest way to get a photo or video from a social network is as follows: 

  • Go to any account and find the post you want to download. For example, if these are photos from the feed, you need to select the menu under this post and click on the Copy link.
  • Second, open the Downloader for Instagram content. As we indicated above, one of these trust services is Toolzu. You can download some visuals for free within seconds. In this service, you will immediately find the address bar where you need to insert a link to your content. This service works on the principle of a browser. That is, you paste the link as a website address. And after clicking on the search, the post and the visual you need are displayed. However, it is worth remembering that the account must be open. Under this photo, you will notice a Download button. 

The convenience of this method lies in the fact that you can download the visual both on mobile devices and on a computer. Since many people make content plans for Instagram from a computer, they also sometimes edit photos on a computer. This method is a universal tool for digital creators, account managers, and just those people who want to add variety to the Instagram feed.

What content can you download with the Downloader:

  • Photos from Instagram. If you notice a photo that you want to download in the feed, just copy the link and proceed to download. 
  • Instagram stories. This content is exclusive and most often, in stories, users share such materials that you will not find anywhere else. These can be beautiful photos taken on the go. Therefore, you can also download stories if you copy the link to a specific user. 
  • Highlights from Instagram. These visuals are stories that are pinned in the account of users, they can also be easily downloaded. Most often, these are the most outstanding stories, and you can use them, for example, to collect feedback from customers. When your customers post a review like a story or in a feed, be sure to download these posts and share your page. 

They form a positive brand image and inspire confidence among new subscribers. 

  • Video from Instagram. You can download absolutely any video clips – these are videos from the trending Instagram Reels, Live broadcasts, IGTV. It is convenient that large-format video, for example, an IGTV or a Live broadcast, after downloading, you can edit in a video editor. And having cut off the most important fragment, you can place it in your feed or in your story. When you reuse publications created by other users, be sure to include a link to the account from which you downloaded them. If you don’t know who originally created this video or photo, you can leave a note that the “source is unknown.”

All in all 

The advantage of this way of collecting content is that you won’t have to rack your brains over how to arrange a photo session where to place your team to shoot the desired content. And it’s not always necessary to produce content in order to attract the audience. Since millions of visuals are being posted on Instagram right now, many users don’t notice interesting content. 

Therefore, you can offer additional value to users by collecting and aggregating content in a certain place – in your account. For your followers, this will undoubtedly be a plus. 

Since following updates on hundreds of accounts is less convenient than following one account. According to this principle, Instagram magazines or feature accounts attract exclusively content from other users. They can publish content from influencers, Instagram shops, make collections of fashion shows, post paintings, decor items. This will help the two sides – your followers to know about creators. And it will also help new creatives to get an additional followers’ source.

Since it’s good for new accounts when large accounts tag them, the more accounts mentioned, the higher the rating will be assigned by the Instagram algorithm. Essentially tagging accounts works like backlinks on Google. So make use of these helper instruments.