AI In Recruiting: Can AI Revolutionize The Recruitment Process

AI In Recruiting: Can AI Revolutionize The Recruitment Process

The adoption of artificial technology and machine knowledge in the business sector is changing workplace practices and ethics.

Business application of artificial intelligence may take various forms, from going deeper understanding of the customers’ insight to HR application for hiring new recruits.

With AI technology in the hiring process, employers can integrate the candidate’s first approach instead of taking any biased decision.

AI-based software tools can collect mountains of data, filter out the right candidate for the job, communicate with the candidate, and help improve hiring decisions. This allows the employees to become better advocates of the employees.

AI has helped many industries bloom, and experts expect the same from the hiring industry.

What Is AI For Recruiting?

AI for recruitment is nothing more than using artificial technology to streamline hiring. It allows the recruiters to leverage their ATS better and provide the ability to hire more efficiently.

Today, AI has become an important piece of technology for HR. However, with the rising need to hire talented individuals, it is impossible for HR to go through thousands of resumes and filter out the right ones. It is humanly impossible.

This is where AI comes into the frame by offering an effective way to screen resumes and filter out the right candidate based on the qualification and requirements.

The trend of using an artificial intelligence recruiter has exploded during the pandemic when remote working has become a norm.

If your organization is yet to adapt to AI in the hiring process, you might lose some of the best talents.

How Can AI Revolutionize The Recruitment Process?

Automation is one tiny part of AI science. But, it is one of the most effective technologies that the modern world is blessed with.

In fact, because of this automation technology, most of the repetitive work and volume tasks have become more efficient and accurate.

Here is how AI is helping the organization to get the best talent for their organization.

1. Application Engagement

AI-based software can really help the organization find the right candidate sharing the same values and work ethics.

The recruiters can add a chat box in the application, which can be a medium of communication between the recruiters and the applicant.

Having a chat box in the AI-based recruiting software adds an additional screening layer to interview the candidates before an official interview.

Furthermore, an AI-powered chatbot comes with machine learning that matures with all the conversations you have with the applicant and prepares more human replies.

2. Resume & Candidate Screening

According to hiring statistics, a corporate job post receives an average of 250 resumes. However, out of all the resumes, only a couple are selected and are called for interviews. And this figure is generally lower for an executive post.

Now just think about how much time an individual would take to go through the 250 resumes, filter out the right candidates, and then call for an interview.

This is where people find AI recruitment software applications beneficial. You can ask the software to filter out the resumes with the right keyword optimization. This helps recruiters save time and find suitable candidates more efficiently.

In addition, there is a few AI-powered recruitment software that offers more to the recruiter. These AI software recruitment tools track the sources given in the resume and evaluate their online presence.

3. Candidate Targeting & Outreach

An organization using AI-powered recruitment tools helps scout the best talent and avoid hiring mistakes via refined keyword search algorithms. These searches allow the recruiter to find the specific attributes.

Candidate targeting with AI can be customized to filter out the applicants based on:

  • Job titles.
  • Earnings.
  • Industrial experience.
  • Educational background.
  • Age and demographics.

Utilizing AI technology in the hiring process can simplify the recruiters. No, it doesn’t eliminate the human touch; it simply automates the process before a candidate can reach the interview phase.

AI Changing The Recruiter Role!

Automation has been a part of the hiring process for some time now. But it is just that it has started to impact the industry more significantly in the last couple of years.

By leveraging AI to automate the hiring process, it can improve the applicant experience and help recruiters get hold of only the best candidate for the organization.