How To Create Engaging Content Using Instagram Reels

How To Create Engaging Content Using Instagram Reels?

Today, you will know about the exciting feature on Instagram. Can you guess what that is? It is nothing but Reels! Instagram Reels are a new trending content type on the platform as we go into 2021. Instagram Reels is the upcoming method to shoot from 15 to 30-seconds video clips using music or sound effects. Based on 2016 reports, every day higher than 95 million photos and video posts stays on Instagram. As of 2020, over 200 million Instagram users check at least one business Instagram profile every day. As told earlier, Instagram has higher traffic and engagement on the platform. It’s the first point that you should target. The new homepage layout shows that Instagram Reels is the upcoming platform’s primary target. 

Therefore, the query becomes simple: how do you use Instagram Reels efficiently to make out the engaging content? There are different key factors to make authentic and engaging Instagram Reels. Yes! Along with this, you can have the bonus tips at the conclusion. Let us get into this. 

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is an upcoming method to create fun and engaging video content. The video quality is present in the U.S. and fifty other countries. Like TikTok, Instagram users can shoot and edit together with 15 to 30-seconds video clips established with music. Share Reel’s video to their stories, explore feed, and the Reels tab on a user’s profile. You can identify Instagram Reels in the foreground Instagram by looking at the center stage of the main navigation bar. It is a massive update on the app and a vital drive to search and share Reels mostly. On the Reels tab, alternatively only looking at Reels from accounts you can go after as you scroll, where you can look for Reels from marketable and trending profiles on Instagram. 

Why Should You Create Instagram Reels? 

Instagram drives out quality Reels content by making it the perfect opportunity for your target audience to identify and follow you. Reels presents a massive chance to go viral and on using services at Trollishly, you can improve your brand with enormous visibility and reach. Here are a few comparisons:

  • Stories disappear after 24 hours, and highlights are tougher to navigate.
  • Posts get their higher viewer to reach, usually within 24 hours. 
  • But Reels are continually identified for weeks depending on popularity.
  • Similarly, IGTV is stored in a visual library simply accessible from everyone’s home page.
  • People are moving faster as the attention time is shorter than ever. Reels have a higher entertainment value and faster delivery, making them exciting and straightforward to use. 

Do’s and Don’ts Of Instagram Reels

Here are some of the methods to perform Instagram Reels:

  • Motivate creation, producing a sense that anyone can join and make.
  • Share original and authentic content made with Reels camera.
  • Make use of Reels music library and audio tools.
  • Stay similar to cultural events and niches.
  • Begin to make WOW or LOL factors. 
  • Grab the audience fastly by massive fascination and best efforts. 
  • Have a funny surprise element or twist.
  • Follow up your Instagram group or community guidelines. 

Some of the Don’s on Instagram Reels that you shouldn’t follow up:

  • Don’t include music that’s not on Instagram; that is until you have the appropriate license.
  • Also, don’t use dated references.
  • Don’t lack a storyline.
  • Don’t make content that goes against group guidelines. For example: hate speech, graphics, violence. 

How To Make Engaging Content Using Instagram Reels?

1. Motivate Using Reels Creation

Likewise to TikTok, Instagram expects audiences on the platform to look at the Reel and need to replicate it on their profile. The primary key is to make something that others can recreate while including their creativity in it. For instance, one of the most popular TikTok challenges was the shoe transition challenge, where the audiences would throw a shoe inside there and strike it with their legs on a beat while switching dresses. It works as it’s simple to result yet tough enough where not everyone can grab it off and lets for creativity in its execution. 

2. Share Distinctively Authentic Content 

Create your content exclusive with a regular format and theme that people should identify from you. For example, when you begin every Reel with a question and some text and then go into the “reveal.” Possibly you always use a particular filter or film from a specific angle. 

3. Make It Simple

Shoot with your phone and make use of effects in the Reels camera. It connects with the inspiring creation when you have something too high-end; it’s not simple to resonate. The best example of TIMA, a musical artist, recorded a Reel of herself by creating a beat. She combined playing the keys, dancing, and text to make for an engaging Reel. She also connected by posting it on December 31 with the text and captions revolving around the New Year goals. 

4. Maintain It Similar & Connectable 

Audiences need to look at your content and connect to it. Try to add something that’s of the moment on your Reels. Possibly you should make content over a particular time of year, day of the week, or a cultural event. Even it can be political, or musical, or educational concepts. A faster-winning strategy here is to either include a trending song to your Reel or include music similar to the content you are making. 

5. Grab Audience Fastly

Based on each content, it’s essential to grab the audience immediately. Reels make things easier using text and effects.  For example–Lonnie Marts IIV, a content maker who uses every Instagram Reels text on them. Generally, asking a query that’s a part of the storyline of the Reel. Lonnie grabs the audience by working so, capturing them to look at the complete video to view the resolution. It’s essential to think about the first one to three seconds of every Reel. 

6. Narrate A Story

Storytelling is vital to every marketing and needs to drip down to every piece of content. For instance, content creator Max Snaowski narrates the story of our generation using the aspect of both us and the generation using various outfits and angles. Moreover, by text, our generation in the caption makes the audience part of the story, yet doesn’t give away the conclusion. 

7. Make A Funny Factor Or Twist

Unique twists have become the most critical feature of TikTok’s storytelling, and the same goes for Reels. The video from Sidney Raz goes viral as it was relevant, narrating a story using text and music. It has a funny, surprising twist at the end. Particularly to note, the theme in this video supports by narrating the story of the video. Not every Reel requires an unexpected ending, but it’s a perfect method to throw in once in a while to maintain your audience on the toes. 

Effective Methods To Make Engaged Content Using Instagram Reels

1. Storyboard

The best thing about short-form video content is that it can be both sketchy and thoughtful. On the contrary, Instagram Stories, Reels should be similar to your Grid posts. Reels let you handle your content without repeating your Grid posts, Stories, or IGTV content. Reels can be their customized factor, so storyboarding supports you in planning your perfect execution ideas. Begin by popping up with an idea for your Instagram Reels and then defining your post’s target. For instance, what should you need your audiences to gain out of it by looking at it? Once you sort down your call-to-action, make a shortlist of what you need to record, and begin shooting. Understand what you will shoot for every frame, making it simple to record and support to keep your video within the 30-seconds Reels time range. 

2. BTS

There will be a time when you are fresh out of content ideas, and when those times come, don’t simply give out. Rethink for every video you record that you need not use in the original Reel, Stories, IGTV posts themselves. The craft that video to share some behind-the-scenes typed Reels among your audience. This video consists of a sequence of bloopers that takes to make one of your products, everyday operations featuring on your team, and the list of employees. Your brand’s features can dominate and support you to enhance a more profound connection among your audience. 

3. Educate A New Skills

Reels are ideal for offering educational content for your followers. Reels provide you more time to explain how to perform something from start to end. Instagram Reels for an academic or faster how-to video supports strengthening your total number of posts every week while providing your audiences huge content differently. As told earlier, Instagram polls post, making relevant content is the primary key factor to increase the audience’s engagement. Prompt your audience what types of tutorial videos they need to watch from you. 

Examples Brands Using Instagram Reels

  • ASOS: Today, brands capitalize on fashion products as the new format. British fashion brands like ASOS have made simple but effective methods that use Reels videos. These Reels videos are an excellent method to display your products, packages, and collections.
  • Chipotle: Educational video content is a perfect use of Reels, and the American fast-food chain Chipotle is winning by sharing quick recipes. Take a look at how the company displays the creation of an attractive ‘avocado rose.’  

Takeaway Facts

Begin by recording Reels from the phone, thinking about the scene or story, shooting, and posting it on your feeds. Suppose you are beginning now, don’t get too slowed down in the details. When making content for some time and looking to engage your content, try to include every feature in every single Reel. Every best content creator selects and chooses which style works effectively for them. Experiment with different methods to identify what replicates best with your audience. Reels continues to expand its features. 

Here are some bonus tips as told earlier:

  • I highly recommend posting the Reels tab and your Instagram grid to improve reach. Anyhow, when your Reels content is involved with your accurately planned out grid, you can always share the Reels to your grid and then next record it, removing it from the grid but maintaining it on the Reels tab. 
  • When you need to repost your TikTok’s content on Instagram, don’t use the saved video from TikTok using the watermark. Instagram doesn’t like TikTok’s watermarks. Therefore, use a TikTok downloader such as this or that to download your video sans watermark.