Amazing Ways To Aggregate Social Media Content For Your Business

Amazing Ways To Aggregate Social Media Content For Your Business

Are you looking for different ways and methods to aggregate social media content for your business website and marketing campaigns? Do you want to make the most out of social media channels to benefit your business? Then you are at the right place, and here you will get to know about how to collect and curate Social Media Content using a social media aggregator to grow your business. 

As different social media platforms have different ways to upload and share content on their platforms, you will have various ways by which you can easily collect diverse and unique content from these platforms. 

Are you ready to learn about these social media feeds and how to create beautiful social media windows on your business website? Let’s get started. 

6 Different Ways To Aggregate Social Media Feeds

These are the popular and highly used methods to collect content from social media channels to integrate to promote your business. Using these social media feeds you will be able to collect most of the social media content as people use these feeds to upload major content on social media channels.  

  1. # Hashtag Feeds

This is a great feature of a social media aggregator to collect content from social media. Almost everyone has used one’s hashtag to upload posts on social media channels. Still, exceptional cases are there that no one has ever used a hashtag on any social media post. 

Also, you might have run Hashtag campaigns to promote your event, product, or special offer for your business. 

Moreover, you can find other trending and ongoing hashtags that are highly popular on social media related to your business if you haven’t created any hashtag campaign before. 

If you are promoting your business on special festivals, days, holidays, events, or any movement and find something relatable & trending hashtag on social media, which users highly use, you can aggregate social media content using it.  

Another important reason to collect social media content using a hashtag is to work concurrently on your business website, which increases visitors’ engagement on your website and builds a strong social proof of your business. 

Moreover, with the help of hashtag feeds from social media you will be able to know the social media influencers and who are contributing the major social media content. In this way, you can find who is the right fit to promote your business through social media influencers.

Hence, hashtags are the best way to aggregate and gather social media content at a suitable place to promote and enhance your business marketing. 

  1. @ Handle Social Media Feeds

Suppose you want to showcase the social media content from a particular handle or account of any social media platform. In that case, you have to use a profile handle or username to collect the social media content. 

You can select the social media handle with a public profile and create a similar type of content that aligns with your content design. You can collect social media content using the handle. 

Also, if you want to show your social media account posts or content, then using your social media handle, you can create a beautiful window of social media posts. 

You can easily create social media content using social media feeds from diverse social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook, etc. these are the popular channels using this feature.  

  1. Mention or Tagged 

Many times your customers and online social media fans create and upload images or vides on their social accounts by mentioning your business’s name in the posts and tag your business. 

When you put your business’s username in the mention or tag feed in a social media aggregator, all the posts your customers or fans created on social media accounts tagging your business will be collected in a single unified screen. 

Using this method of aggregating social media content is a better way to tell people about your strong presence on social media channels and what your existing customers are saying about your business. 

As your new customers are looking for genuine older customer reviews and feedback, embedding social media content from mention and tags will help you showcase unbiased and trustworthy content on your business website. 

  1. Twitter Lists

Another amazing way to collect and display social media content for free on your business website is with the help of a Twitter list. 

In Twitter List, you create a group of favorite Twitter profiles which you find relevant and beneficial to your business. Hence collecting and showcasing social media content with Twitter List is the best to do so. 

  1. Facebook Page or Album

If you want to aggregate social media content from Facebook, then your business page or album posts can be a great way to collect social media content for your business. You just need to put your Facebook Page URL or Album name, and the social media aggregator will collect all the Facebook posts at a place. 


Now you know various ways to aggregate, gather, and create engaging social media content windows for your business website. 

Above mentioned ways are widely used and give you most of the social media content that is beneficial for your business. 

You can use a combination of these social media feeds to aggregate social media content for your business. However, even a single feed can be enough to collect social media content to meet your business promotional needs. 

Hence, without any delay, start creating your social media widget for your business.